Browse Any Subreddits Photos With This Cool App

Reddit is a treasure trove of humorous images, artistic creations, and meme-filled posts that offer endless entertainment.

Enhance your Reddit experience with the Galrus image viewer. This tool allows you to simultaneously filter image posts from various subreddits.

To get started, head over to the search page and enter the name of a subreddit in the search box. The system will automatically suggest some options, but you’re free to choose any existing subreddit. For instance, typing “poke” will prompt suggestions for different Pokemon subreddits.

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Galrus Reddit photo browser

You’re not limited to just one subreddit. Add multiple subreddits to diversify your browsing. For example, if you’re interested in /r/snes, you can include it as an additional subreddit to view popular image posts from multiple communities.

The app automatically updates the URL, making it easy to save your customized view for later or share it with friends.

Galrus subreddit viewer for Pokemon and SNES

Additional features include the ability to toggle the NSFW filter and sort images based on different popularity metrics like “new” and “rising”.

If you’re new to Reddit, this app could be your introduction to the front page of the Internet. For seasoned Reddit users, this tool is invaluable for easily navigating through image-based content.

Give it a try and share your thoughts! You can also explore the Galrus homepage for pre-set combinations of subreddits.

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