Pull Subreddit Keywords with This Free Keyword Tool

Reddit is a goldmine of entertainment, news, advice, and market research. You can find a subreddit on pretty much everything and this creates niche communities on every topic under the sun.

Keyworddit is a free keyword research web app developed with one purpose: to scrape subreddits and pull related keywords, along with their search volume.

It relies mostly on user comments to pull keywords and relevant topics, so make sure the subreddit you’re looking for has lots of comments and great discussions.

Start by entering a subreddit name into the search box. A list of auto-suggestions will appear and you can select the one you’re looking for. You might even find a couple subreddits you never knew existed!

Once you pick one, click “Get Keywords” and the list of keywords populates underneath.

This keyword list automatically sorts by total monthly volume from highest to lowest. These volumes are pulled straight from GrepWords which offers a custom API for keyword volumes.

Most of the GrepWords volumes closely match Google’s volumes, so it’s a reliable tool.

By using Keyworddit, you can find longtail keywords you never thought about. This tool can also help you find totally random subjects in a niche that connects to a specific theme.

For example, searching the /r/nintendo subreddit, you’ll find a ton of game headline keywords. But, you’ll also find longtail info-type keywords such as “video game logic” and “old nintendo games”.

Keyworddit Reddit web app

Keyworddit should help you dive into the psyche of an entire community and pick out some of the highest-volume keywords from their hiveminds.

It’s a completely free resource and should remain free forever, offering a really cool look into thousands of Reddit communities. I recommend using this tool along with other keyword tools to find untapped niches, related longtails, and topics you might want to write on or learn more about.