Listen to any country’s radio station with Radio Garden

If you are tired of local stations and are scouting for a change, you will like Radio Garden as it hosts a large number of radio stations from across the globe. Radio Garden is a brainchild of Transnational Radio, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, and is designed by Studio Moniker.

It has an interactive globe that users can rotate to pick up radio transmissions from around the world. The list of radio stations that Radio Garden has is surprisingly gigantic, featuring major radio stations as well as smaller, relatively unknown stations.

radio garden

Radio Garden also comes with various sections that focus on the different aspects of radio. They have the History section broadcasting clips throughout the radio history, the Jingles section which plays snippets of a radio stations’ jingle, and in both sections there are narrations done through on-screen texts. Finally, Stories section allows visitors to contribute fun facts about radio communications around the world.

Radio Garden, however, is not an archive of all the radio stations in the world, so there are chances you may not find stations that you want but hey, there are plenty more you can try out, just a click away.