Build a Full-Feature ‘Solidify’ Prototype within Clicks

Do you ever need to conceptualize a website or application idea beyond a basic wireframe? Assessing whether your interface is intuitive can be a challenging task. Traditional user testing methods can often be disorganized and frustrating. To streamline this process and breathe life into your interface concepts, consider using Helio, formerly known as Solidify.

Helio takes prototyping to a whole new level, advancing far beyond rudimentary wireframing. It offers a plethora of features such as link building, an integrated screen editor, and feedback pages. It also includes forms for obtaining insights from clients or team members, options to choose your audience, simple demographic collection, and comprehensive settings for both apps and websites, among other features.

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Getting Started with Helio

After creating your account and signing in, you’ll be presented with a “Create New Prototype” prompt. Click on it to create your new prototype and proceed to its setup.

Your initial task will involve uploading the screens from your website or app into Helio. At this point, you’ll have to specify whether the prototype and/or screen is intended for use on a desktop or a mobile device such as an iPad or Nexus.

Once you’ve selected the prototype “type,” it will adjust the prototype screens to fit a format that emulates the chosen device.

Prototype Links

One of the key features of Helio is the ability to add links to elements within your prototype screens. Users can effortlessly add links by clicking, dragging over the desired element, and setting their link options to determine the destination of the link, among other settings.

Furthermore, you have control over who can see these links and elements on your screens and pages. You can specify the visibility by selecting between different audience types, such as individual users or member types.

Feedback Process

Once you’ve completed the setup of your prototype screens, your subsequent step will most likely be seeking feedback on your prototypes. The process of setting up feedback is nearly as simple as that of your prototypes.

In configuring feedback for your prototype, you will encounter three options:

  • No Feedback: This option does not permit the reviewer to leave any feedback, though it still allows for the prototype’s functionality.

  • Page and Overall Feedback: With this option, reviewers can provide open feedback for each individual page, as well as a comprehensive review at the end.

  • Directive Feedback: Here, you can establish a series of directives or instructions, following which metrics can be recorded and feedback can be received for each directive.

Comprehensive Analytics

One of the robust features of Helio is its integrated analytics for your prototype. This allows you to readily observe who examined your prototype, their provided feedback (if any), the mean duration spent on each page, average time throughout the entire prototype, and most intriguingly, a click-flow video illustrating how they interacted and engaged with it.

When scrutinizing your prototype and tester analytics, you can see specific details for every individual that visited and tested your prototype, regardless of whether they are registered as a member of your team or of Helio itself.

Pricing and Accounts

Helio’s account pricing is both straightforward and reasonably priced. The Basic Plan is offered at $19 per month, while the Plus Plan is priced at $49 per month. Additionally, there’s a limited version available free of charge.


  • Exceptional design paired with organized, step-by-step instructions make setting up the perfect prototype a breeze.
  • Offers comprehensive analytics support, including video support.
  • The facility to add team members and clients to your account.
  • Provides cost-effective pricing: one account, one bill, access to multiple services!
  • Simplifies the process of prototype building.
  • Features a screen builder equipped with multiple functionalities.


  • Doesn’t support account integration with external storage services such as Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.
  • Offers limited support for mobile devices.
  • Lacks a notification bar.


Helio offers a fresh and unique experience that stands out from other services. It provides a host of compelling features such as detailed step-by-step setup, constructive feedback, comprehensive tester and visitor analytics, an efficient link builder, robust privacy settings, and many more. This service has greatly enriched my experience and will hopefully do the same for you.