How to Install and Use Photoshop with AI (Photoshop Beta)

Update: Generative Fill feature is now supported in Adobe Photoshop 2024 (ver 25.0.0)

Adobe recently updated the Photoshop app and released a new version called Photoshop Beta, which is AI-powered and allows you to edit images using prompts.

This is great news for Photoshop users who are still on the waiting list for Adobe Firefly. In this guide, I will walk you through how to download and install the AI-powered Adobe Photoshop and give you an idea of what it is capable of doing.

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Installing Photoshop with AI

Step 1

First, launch the Creative Cloud app and check for any updates. If an update is needed for the Creative Cloud app, complete it first.

update Creative Cloud app

Step 2

On the main page, you will likely see "Magically transform images with AI." Click on it.

magically transform images with AI

Step 3

Next, you will see "Photoshop (Beta)." Click "Install." This process may take a while, depending on your internet connection speed.

install Photoshop beta

Generative AI Art with Photoshop

Step 1

Once the installation is complete, a separate Photoshop (Beta) app will be available on your computer. Let’s start it up and see what it can do.

Adobe Photoshop Beta

Step 2

Drag an image into the workspace and use the Lasso Tool to select an area, as shown below.

drag image in Photoshop

Step 3

Click "Generative Fill," type in a description (such as a prompt), and hit "Generate." If you don’t see this option for some reason, you can also find it by navigating to "Windows" > "Contextual Text Bar."

add prompt generate

Step 4

Given the description or prompt of "big brown bear sitting down," here’s what we can create.

Photoshop generative fill result

Step 5

The "Generative Fill" feature also functions without entering a description. Now, imagine you have an image with empty sides on both the left and right.

image with blank sides

Step 6

Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool.

rectangular marquee tool

Step 7

Select the left area, as shown, and then click "Generative Fill" > "Generate" without providing a description.

select blank area

Step 8

Photoshop will analyze the image and fill in the left side accordingly. Isn’t that cool?

Photoshop generative fill result

We are merely scratching the surface here in terms of what the latest AI-powered Photoshop can do. Now, go have fun with it!