Origami – Great Media-Sharing Service For The Family

Note: Origami is no longer available.

Family moments are worth sharing, preserving, and writing about. Sharing pictures, videos and moments with family usually means, for the average person, sitting down and sharing memories through a digital camera or mobile phone, but there is a much easier way. Let me introduce to you Origami.

Not to be confused with photo and media storage services like Picturelife or Dropbox, Origami brings to you a new approach to sharing memories through media with your family members.

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Getting Started with Origami

To get started with Origami is an easy and simple process, in fact, it is one of the easiest and fastest registration processes I have seen in a long time. Signing up registers you with a free trial account.

Once your account is all set up and ready to go you can now easily invite all your family members to all your favorite moments and memories. After that, everyone can post media, which will be neatly organized into a stylish family timeline.

Adding Photos and Other Media

You can connect your Origami account with your other cloud storage and photo-sharing services like Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Smugmug, Drive and Dropbox. This obviously makes it a breeze to add photos, videos, slideshows and whole albums.

Other Noteworthy Features

Request Content and Moments

Ever wondered what Uncle Sal was like growing up, and what great moments he had? You can even request content and moments from family members that are registered with your family in Origami. It will be like a virtual family gathering where everyone can join in on an occasion from a past or recent event.

Sharing Media

The team behind Origami makes it easy to upload and share media with a “sticky” sidebar that stays with you while navigating around the app. Simply choose the appropriate type of media you would like to upload and follow the steps.

Sharing with outside family and friends

You might come across a time when you want to share your memories and moments with people outside of your family circle in Origami. The app makes it simple to share like this, simply click “Share Album” or “Share Moments” under the content titles to email the link or contact them via Facebook and Twitter.


Origami has an amazing price and only one account type, $5/Month or $50/Year (which saves you $10). When you upgrade, you get:

  • A custom domain name for your family. (For example, Langlois.com or LangloisFamily.net)
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited phone and email support


  • Mobile support for iOS and Android devices
  • Stylish and organized timeline of events, moments, pictures, videos etc
  • Invite family members with multiple accounts and social networks
  • Share pictures and memories with people not using Origami (Like friends, co-workers and non-relatives)
  • Custom domain names, unlimited space and great support with a cheap $5/Month plan
  • Invite as many family members as you wish
  • Request media and moments from other family members
  • Great notifications including to your mobile phone, email and Facebook
  • Rich, stylish and simple to use design


  • No feature for searching existing family members
  • No account links to Skydrive or Box.net
  • No individual family profiles
  • No account signup with Facebook or Twitter support