5 Best Price Tracking Tools

When it comes to online shopping, prices are always fluctuating. So, working out when to buy a product at the best rate you need to constantly keep an eye on its price. And, it gets worse when you find out that you’ve missed out on a great deal.

So, instead of monitoring price changes manually, you can use price tracking tools to help you find price drops. Price monitoring tools are also useful for businesses to keep track of their competitors’ prices and adapt their own pricing strategies accordingly.

Hence, our today’s post highlights some of the best price tracking tools among all others in the market. All these items offer different features and benefits and you can learn about each item in detail in the following.

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What are price tracking tools, and how do they work?

A price tracking tool is an online software that tracks, analyzes, and compares product prices from different websites. It also sends users a notification when a product price has changed or about online deals available.

There are different types of price tracking tools. Some tools compare prices from several retailers, while others give you a detailed price history of specific products. Some apps even geo-locate the best offers from nearby shops.

To help you figure out what is the price monitoring tool that best fits your needs, let’s explore five online tools that will help you save both time and money.



If you are looking to get deal alerts as soon as your favorite products or brands’ prices drop, you may want to consider using Visualping.

It is one of the best price tracking tools for a specific item you are looking to buy. It has a change detection service that sends notifications of all kinds of changes, such as promotions, items back in stock, and concert tickets that sell out fast on any ecommerce website.

Apart from price tracking, it can even help you identify attractive job openings and assist you in the house-hunting process.

To monitor price changes, just go to Visualping.io, create an account, add the URL of the page that you want to track, and select the listed price area. You will then receive an email notification once the price changes.

Make sure you choose the visual-compare option, and the email alerts will include a screenshot of the new price highlighted in red.

With Visualping, you can monitor any web page you want, and it is free for up to 65 checks a month. With the Chrome extension, you can also look for discounts, cashback, or other offers and keep track of them.



CamelCamelCamel is a free and feature-rich resource to help you decide when to buy on Amazon and save money. The site monitors millions of items on Amazon and third-party retailers and displays the biggest price drops by day and week.

You can also search for the most popular products and check the price differences. This free tracker is also good to check the price history of a product in the past month and you can set up alerts for when the price drops to a specific percentage.

Camelizer is the browser extension that gives you instant access to all the features and pricing charts of CamelCamelCamel. The service is available to monitor prices in Amazon Australia, Canada, United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and United Kingdom.

Invisible Hand

Invisible Hand

Invisible Hand is a browser extension for real-time price comparisons. It sends you a notification when there is a lower price available on a product, flight, hotel, or rental car you are shopping for. And it also includes a link to the most affordable option.

The browser extension also shows you coupons available on the site you are visiting. And during the checkout, it automatically applies the coupons choosing the one that saves you the most money. The service is available for online stores in the US and UK.

Invisible Hand is free for users. They receive a commission from the retailer when someone buys a product after clicking on the button in one of their notifications.



While most price-tracker sites focus on helping you determine when is the best time to buy, Earny is a shopping assistant that tracks your spending history and alerts you when you are eligible for a price adjustment.

Once you have installed the extension and created an account, Earny scans your email, and it automatically creates a database of your online purchases and receipts.

Note: To avoid Earny accessing your personal email, create a new email specifically for this.

When one of the products you have bought drops in price and you are eligible for cashback, you receive a notification. And if you are shopping on Amazon, this assistant tracks your shipments and helps you get money back when the deliveries are late.

This service has a fixed cost of $19.99 per year. So, you will need to make sure whether you will make that up in price drops and cashback.



Scanbuy is a good solution if you are looking to scan barcodes to find the best deals. The app is available both for iPhone and Android. With this app you can look at prices not only for online shops but also at your local stores.

What sets Scanbuy apart is the geolocation features that tell you which nearby stores are offering discounts. As other price tracking tools, the app compares prices on your scanned items and matches the results across the most popular online stores.

Scanbuy is free for up to 500 scans a year, and it offers a premium option for heavy users and businesses for $85/month that allows up to 1,000 scans per month and includes online support.