Now UI Kit – Definitive Bootstrap 4 GUI

As frontend developers eagerly await the official release of Bootstrap 4, we’re skimming detailed guides covering the awesome new features. However, the impatient will dive right into BootStrap 4 and start learning how it works today. That’s where a GUI kit can help.

Creative Tim released the Now UI Kit when Bootstrap 4 was still in early alpha development. But, it’s one of the best UI kits out there and it’s definitely the best one for BootStrap 4 sites.

The kit supports all typical Bootstrap components and it’s totally free to use and edit.

It takes UI design to a whole new level by customizing radio buttons, checkboxes, and even adding custom on/off sliders. Text inputs have their own styles for success/failure for validation checking and give you full control over all these styles in CSS.

Want even better news? This UI kit comes in both raw HTML/CSS and digital PSD/Sketch files. So, you can actually mock up an entire Bootstrap 4 layout in Photoshop and then code the layout using this kit on top of BS4. Cool, right?

Creative Tim even went so far as to create full demo layouts for a landing page and a profile page. Two awesome examples of what you can do with this UI kit and a little Bootstrap knowledge.

Now UI profile demo

One other cool feature of this UI kit is the free iconset. This pack comes with 100 custom icons, designed specifically for this kit and they’re released for free, along with the Now UI elements.

And, did I mention all the free components, too? You can set up image carousels, tabbed widgets, dropdown menus, date pickers, custom modal windows, honestly everything you’d need for a brand new website.

There’s no denying it: Now UI is the UI kit for Bootstrap 4. If you wanna tinker with the library without having it feel like Bootstrap then you’ll want a copy of the Now UI Kit.

For a live demo of all the features, check out the main page including components, too. You’ll find download links for the code library and the PSD/Sketch files, along with documentation to get all those components set up in your own layout.

And, if you get this up on a live website be sure to share your project with Creative Tim on Twitter @creativetim.