30+ Design Freebies for Web Designers (Old But Gold)

Over the past year, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the number of design blogs and PSD galleries. The great part here is web designers, and graphic designers are becoming more interested in sharing their ideas and works with the Internet. This great attitude gave birth to several premium quality design freebies from all around the world!

Below, we’ve cataloged a serious collection of quality freebies practically every web designer will love. Included are user interface elements, menus, buttons, and icons, plus a few other rare goodies up for you to grab! If you have created freebies or know of something we missed, do let us know in your comment!

Pricing Tables
pricing tables
25 Creative Pricing Table Designs for Inspiration

25 Creative Pricing Table Designs for Inspiration

Pricing tables are usually used by companies which offer premium services and products during the sign up process.... Read more

Sexy Calendar
sexy calendar
Awesome Tags
awesome tags
Shiny Little Map Pins
shiny little map pins
Shiny On/Off Indicators
shiny on/off indicators
Marketplace/Social Networking Buttons
marketplace/social networking buttons
Social Sharing Button Count Design
social sharing button count design
Profile Tooltips
profile tooltips
Tooltip Typo
tooltip typo
Sweet Navigation
sweet navigation
Simple Light Navigation
simple light navigation
Simple Navigation Menu
simple navigation menu
Clean Minimalistic Portfolio Snap
clean minimalistic portfolio snap
Textured Alerts
textured alerts
Simple To-do
simple to-do
Picture Frame
picture frame
Login Modal Box
login modal box
Newsletter Form
newsletter form
Curled date ribbon
curled ribbon
Dark Mini Music Player
dark mini music player
White iPhone 4
white iphone 4
Camera Icon
camera icon
Paper Airplane With A Note
paper airplane with a note
Calendar Icon
calendar icon
The Cloud
the cloud
Color palette Icon
color palette icon
Dropbox Icon
dropbox icon
Icon Template
icon template
Photoshop Tools Icons
photoshop tools icons
Administrator Login Panel
administrator login panel
Shiny Blue UI
shiny blue UI
UI 2
ui 2