Best Free Mobile Prototyping Templates

When you start designing a new mobile app, it is always wise to begin with a prototype or wireframe so that you as well as your client may have an idea how the final product may look like. But who would want to work on the prototype from scratch when there are so many free mobile prototyping templates available at hand.

Likewise, here is a collection of mobile prototyping templates. These templates include UI, UX kits, vector elements, and screen, etc. that you can easily download and customize for your use. Let’s take a look.

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#1 @Mohit Panchal

Here is a high-quality Android UI kit for mobile prototyping. It comes with neatly organized layers and groups. You’ll also find a nicely designed "Login Screen" and "Sign-up Screen".

Compatible with: Adobe XD.

#2 @Dilan

A mobile UI kit for gaming app. The template has a total of 15 screens and is designed for iPhone X resolution

Compatible with: Adobe XD.

#3 @Brice Seraphin

Here is a mobile prototyping template for finance app. I features 3 screens and is fully customizable

Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop.

#4 @Dilan

A mobile UI kit for a burger store or any similar food-related app. The templates have total of 25 screens and are made for iPhone X resolution.

Compatible with: Adobe XD.

#5 @Dilan

A template with a total of 28 screens. You can choose between light and dark themes to choose. It is designed for iPhone X (and above) resolution.

Compatible with: Adobe XD.

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#6 @Prizzy

Here’s a template with 16 iOS screens for a finance mobile app with a minimalistic design approach. You’ll also find the most essential set of screenshots in this kit.

Compatible with: Figma.

#7 @Tim

Here’s a collection of over 100 individual components to choose from. You can combine these components into one design or choose individual elements. All components can be modified in color by using Sketch files.

Compatible with: Sketch.

#8 @Framer

A starter kit that contains many Wireframe components, templates and flow elements for building flows and validating your app ideas. The flow elements are well-designed and adapt across multiple screen sizes.

Compatible with: Framer.


A set of 15+ Screens and UI Elements made from scratch. The template uses RobotoSlab font.

Compatible with: Sketch.

#10 @Nik Wincini

A mobile UI kit for cryptocurrency exchange apps. It features templates for "Contidional Orders", "Trade History", "Order Form", "Change of Price", "Depth Chart", and "Active Actions" etc.

Compatible with: Adobe XD.

#11 @Unmesh Gite

Here is a component-based UI Kit designed exclusively for Adobe XD. In this kit, you’ll find fully-customizable components, including UI elements, colours, and typography, etc.

Compatible with: Adobe XD.

#12 @Aurelien Salomon

A beautiful mobile prototyping template design with a modern and colorful style. The designs have been organized in 6 categories and include more than 60 screens.

Compatible with: Adobe XD.

#13 @Riko Sapto

Some beautiful templates suitable for medical-related apps. It features "Welcome Screen", "Register Screen", "Contact Doctor Screens", and much more.

Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop.

#14 @Ce Ali Omar

Wireframe UX kits for mobile prototyping. You can choose from more than 30 different screens.

Compatible with: Adobe XD.

#15 @Georgemaine Lourens

These in-app starter kits for iOS, Android or Web allow you to speed up your workflow. You can also use these wireframe UI kits for product designs as well.

Compatible with: Framer.


Here’s a modern and stylish UI kit for e-commerce apps. It’s a well-layered and neatly organized kit with 50+ components in 6 categories.

Compatible with: Sketch, Adobe Photoshop.


Create rich and enticing presentations with this set of presentation mockups. The collection offers templates for iPad, iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, Android phone, and some web browsers.

Compatible with: Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, and Figma.

#18 @Brice Seraphin

A neat mockup template for cryptocurrency exchange website. All PSD files are fully editable and are organized into layers for ease of use.

Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop.

#19 @Brice Seraphin

A Bitcoin, finance template of mobile mockups. It consists of organized layers and 2 screen options.

Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop.