5 Best Apps to Monitor Mobile Data Usage

It’s always a good idea to keep track of your mobile data usage so you can avoid exceeding your data usage quota. Among the two main mobile operating systems, Android natively provides you an interface to keep track and monitor mobile data usage; iOS on the other hand, doesn’t offer much information.

So in this post, I am going to discuss some useful apps (both iOS and Android) that you can download to keep track of mobile data usage, starting with the one I’m current using.

My Data Manager

Download on Android | iOS

My Data Manager is available for both Android and iOS. It’s free, doesn’t come with any ads, and tracks data usage for mobile, WiFi and roaming.

Input your data limit, renewal period and renewal date and you’re good to go.

my data mgr plans

Now, head over to the summary tab and you’ll get an overlook of your data usage for mobile, WiFi and roaming (if any).

The app tracker tab gives you a list of apps that are utilizing your data, mobile or WiFi. This gives you an idea how to adjust your usage behavior in case your mobile data is reaching its limit.

my dta mgr app tracker

The other great thing about this app that I like is the ability to set all sorts of alarm (alerts) about my data usage.

enable alarm

The “Set Custom Alarm” feature lets you set alarms to inform you when your mobile data reaches a specific limit.

my data mgr custom alarm

RadioOpt Traffic Monitor & 3G/4G Speed

Download on Android | iOS

This one is basically a combination of a good data usage tracker and a speed and coverage testing app. The app will help you keep your wireless connection stable and also track how much you are using data.

You can specify your data plan period and limits and RadioOpt will both track your usage and alarm you when you are about to cross the limit. You’ll also not be surprised by roaming charges as it keeps a separate record of roaming data usage.

RadioOpt Traffic Monitor & 3G/4G Speed

The app has a powerful speed test tool built-in that will help you test the speed of your WiFi or mobile data connection, including upload, download and ping speed.

It can also create a coverage map for you to see where you can get the best signals from the nearest network tower. Interestingly, all these tests can be directly compared with people in your area to see whether you are getting comparable speed or not.

Glasswire Data Usage Monitor

Download on Android

Glasswire, the popular network traffic monitoring app for desktops also has an app for Android devices. Like the desktop version, this app also focuses on tracking network usage and recording app behaviour.

It can track which apps are using your mobile data and WiFi and alerts you when you are about to exceed your data plan limit. You can track data usage in real-time, and even go back in time to see which app used data on a particular day.

Glasswire Data Usage Monitor

Glasswire also prompts you whenever a new app uses the internet, so you may never be surprised by an infected app. To top it off, if your data provider offers unlimited data usage for a particular app – Like Facebook – then you can also exclude it from data monitoring.

Data Usage

Download on Android | iOS

A reliable data usage tracking app that focuses on helping you evenly use your allotted limit over the given time. Apart from regular data tracking and alerts, Data Usage has a cool prediction feature that shows you when you’ll reach the data limit based on your regular usage. If some day you use more data than usual, you’ll be immediately alerted.

Data Usage

Furthermore, Data Usage has a dedicated widget that shows you your data usage in real-time and your overall daily usage. To take the matters a little further, the app is also capable of disabling your data connection if you reach your set limit.

DataMan Next

Download on iOS

A beautiful app with a minimalist design, DataMan only offers the features you need and does its job perfectly. Without any confusions, the app lets you monitor data usage by each app and your overall data limit progress. It also has a handy widget that keeps your data usage in view all the time.

DataMan Next

It also has a prediction feature that tells whether you’ll stay in your limit or exceed it based on your current data usage. I am sure you will really like how DataMan Next visualizes each feature with different colors and custom notifications.


As I’ve mentioned above, My Data Manager is in my own use and it’s my favorite among this list, mainly because of its many features and a clean interface. However, if you think any other app strikes your interest, do give it a test run. And don’t forget to let us know about your experience