How to Create Free Custom Logo with DesignEvo

Paying a designer to make your logo is not cheap. It can also be costly to pay for design software like Photoshop or Sketch, not to mention learning how to use it.

If you’re more of a UI designer who struggles with logos this can be a challenge. Yet if you’re adamant on creating your own logo then DesignEvo is a tool you should bookmark.

This free webapp lets anyone create their own logo from within their web browser. It comes with all the tools you’ll need including custom shapes, typography, color schemes, and even icon styles.

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designevo logo creator

Granted the interface can feel tough to learn at first. But it is much cleaner than Photoshop or any other Adobe product, so it’s likely that anyone can learn DesignEvo if they put in some effort.

Once you click the “make logo” button you’ll be taken directly to the editing page.

From here you can add a number of custom features such as:

  • Custom shapes.
  • Custom icons (over 1,000,000 to pick from).
  • Various fonts including Google Webfonts.

When highlighting the “icons” tab in the top-left corner you can search for anything you like. DesignEvo populates some searches already but you can sort through literally millions of icons all free to use in your logo.

By default, you’ll start with a document at 500×500 pixels but you can resize this as you like. It also lets you change the background color, the rotation, and even the zoom to get in close while designing.

Another nifty feature is the dot grid for arranging your icons/text in perfect order. You can arrange items based on layer hierarchy, size, and position relative to each other.

The whole interface is wildly powerful and you can make some crazy logos all by yourself. It’ll take maybe an hour to learn the ropes and from there you should have no trouble working through DesignEvo’s many features.

screenshot of designevo logo maker

To get started just visit the logo creator and go to town! You might be surprised what you can make with just this tool and some free time.