iPhone Photography: Beautiful Photos Taken With iPhone 4

Two years ago, if you were to show someone an awesome picture and ask them what was it taken with, they’ll most probably bet on a Digital Camera or DSLR. Do it today, people will take some time to ponder because anything is possible given that technology advances as you are breathing. Wave goodbye to the opinion that mobile phone, takes crappy pictures. Yes, today we can take stunning pictures just by using mobile phone.

Loaded with 5 megapixel build-in camera and HDR settings, it is possible to take beautiful photo with iPhone 4 close to quality of digital camera or DSLR. Now if you utilize the photography applications available, it can enhance your photo output instantly. In today’s post, we’ve combined a collection of stunning and beautiful photos taken with iPhone 4 and for your reference, we have included the application that are used to reach the final output. They will definitely set out to amaze you. Full list after the jump!

Electric Cable. Taken and edited with: ProHDR. (Image by 8ware)

Running on the edge of darkness. Taken and edited with: FilterStorm, Cross Process and PhotoForge. (Image by Robert-Paul)

Running on the edge of darkness

Green Leaf. Taken and edited with: Camera+. (Image by Taytom)

green leaf

Fall Mobile HDR. (Image by wak0saki)

fall mobile

Found:key. (Image by Jane Dallaway)

found key

Freefest. Taken and edited with: Hipstamatic. (Image by Andrew Cohen)


Panorama. (Image by Mad Wraith)


Welcome to my town, Autumn. (Image by Browneyes)


Service. (Image by the_Rundown)


Tires. Taken and edited with: Hipstamatic. (Image by TooMuchFire)


‘I’m Singing in the Rain ‘What a Glorious Day’. Taken and edited with: Lomora 2, and Color Mil. (Image by Sion Fullana)

singing in the rain

Nor any drooping flower. Taken and edited with: Plastic Bullet and Iris Photo Suite. (Image by Gladly Beyond)

Nor any drooping flower

The day the Tunnel stood still. Taken and edited with: Cameramatic, Camera Bag and Iris Photo Suite. (Image by Gladly Beyond)

The day the Tunnel stood still

Untitled. Taken and edited with: TilfShift Generator. (Image by shotam)

Pulau Ketam. Raw unedited, taken by our chief editor, Hongkiat Lim. (Image by hongkiat)

pulau ketam