Unsend Messages & Monitor Usage: Telegram’s Latest Features

Telegram users are in for a treat as the v.3.16 update has brought with it some cool new features that will make the Telegram experience better.

The first of the new features is the ability to unsend messages. With the v.3.16 update, Telegram will now allow you to unsend any message that was sent within the last 48 hours.

For those with limited data on their cellular plans, Telegram has also introduced a Network Usage screen to the app. From there, you can see how much data has been consumed by the application. Data consumed is separated into various categories such as roaming, Wi-Fi and mobile data.

latest telegram update

If you’re looking to add more people into your Telegram account, the new T.me Links will allow you to add new contacts in Telegram without requiring their phone number. Simply type "t.me/<insertusername>", and you’ll be brought into a chatroom with the user. This feature will also work with Telegram channels.

Rounding up the update, Android Telegram users can look forward to these new features in the v.3.16 update:

  • Messages from a single sender will now be grouped together with messages being sorted by date, allowing for easier navigation.
  • The chat now restores your previous scroll position, allowing you to read your messages in chronological order.
    messages grouped by users
  • Recently downloaded files are now shown on the sharing screen.
    downloaded files preview
  • Gboard support has been implemented.
  • Fast action menu with frequent chats option is now available for Android Nougat users.