Telegraph: Anonymous Blogging Site by the Creators of Telegram

The creators of the popular security-first messaging app Telegram is expanding to the blogging scene, and the result is an unusual little service called Telegraph.

The first thing you’ll notice about Telegraph is that it is extremely bare-bones. The main page itself houses nothing more than boxes for your title, name and the main story itself and a “Publish” button.

Perhaps the biggest difference that Telegraph has when compared to other blogging services is the lack of a sign up option. As Telegraph is made with anonymity in mind, you don’t need to sign up to use the service.


Using Telegraph is easy enough. Fill in the boxes provided with a title, a name and your story. Once you’re happy with it, click on “Publish” to publish your post. The website will instantly generate a link to the post, allowing you to share that link on your social media accounts.

Additionally, those who use the Telegram app will be pleased to know that Telegraph supports Instant View, allowing Telegram users to quicking launch stories from Telegraph from the app.

instant view