JAM Icons – Iconfont With 800+ Free Icons for Your Website

Free, high quality and unique icon pack to be used on any website.

Web designers have their pick of the litter with icon sets. You can find hundreds of freebies online and most of them are available for commercial use.

I’m always looking for new icon sets and the latest pack I found is JAM Icons. This awesome icon pack has gone through a few iterations currently sitting at v1.0.7 with semi-frequent updates.

jam icons homepage

This entire pack is free and open source – available for download on GitHub including SVG files. But all you really need for your site is the web font folder which can be embedded directly via CSS.

You can also use the SVG icons directly in your page if you know how. Most modern browsers support this!

JAM was originally designed as a unique yet subtle icon set and I think it’s stayed true to that goal.

The line icon style is pretty popular and easy to blend into any page.

Plus each icon is designed on a grid so it’s relatively simple to edit. All of these icons will blend together nicely in a layout where grids and proportions are key.

Take a peek at the homepage to see a full list of all 420+ icons. This list includes the icon names which are just the CSS classes you’ll use in your page.

freebie jamiconset

If you wanna learn more have a look at the about page. It contains a full list of source codes you can mess with and even the CDN link you can use.

These JAM icons may not fit with every website. But they’re at least worth trying as a solid alternative to the mainstream icon fonts out there.

As far as webfonts go these are quick to setup, quick to load, and pretty easy to customize. A fantastic asset if you’re serious about website performance.

If you wanna share some ideas with the creator or just say thanks you can reach him on Twitter @michaelampr.