Wireless Charging May Finally Be Coming to The New iPhone

Over the past few years, wireless smartphone chargers have been introduced by mobile phone manufacturers into their flagship smartphones. This year, the iPhone may finally support wireless charging as recent developments surrounding Apple indicate that the company is taking the tech seriously.

Perhaps the biggest contributor to the rumours that Apple may be looking at wireless charging technology for its flagship smartphone is the fact that the company has quite recently joined the Wireless Power Consortium. This 213-company strong consortium is responsible for promoting a standard for wireless charging known as Qi.

wireless power

Apple itself isn’t stranger to the Qi wireless charging system. After all, the company used a heavily modified version of the Qi wireless charging system for the Apple Watch. Unlike the standard Qi system, Apple’s modified Qi system would only allow the Apple Watch to charge on Apple-specific wireless chargers.

Seeing as Apple already has experience with wireless charging technology, it isn’t too much of a stretch to believe that the company is looking to port over the system from the Apple Watch to the iPhone. That being said, whether or not the wireless charging system that is implemented into the upcoming iPhone would be the universal Qi variants or the Apple-specific Qi variant remains to be seen.

apple and qi

Rumors about wireless charging-ready iPhone lie in the construction of the upcoming iPhone. With regards to the 5.8" flagship iPhone that comes with an OLED display, rumours are going around that this particular model of the iPhone will come with a glass casing that is reinforced by a steel frame. Of particular note is the glass casing as it allows for wireless charging.

Before you get too excited though, do remember that this is all speculation. That being said, it is only a matter of time until Apple introduces wireless charging to the iPhone. If it isn’t going to be available in this year’s iteration, it’ll most likely be available in next year’s.

Source:Apple Insider