The iPhone’s new “Bedtime” function will pester you to sleep

If you’ve ever suffered, or are currently suffering from sleep deprivation, Apple has just rolled out a “Bedtime” function that can assist you in cutting down your sleep debt.

Accessible via the Clock app, “Bedtime” will allow you to set your target bedtime and duration of sleep with the clock provided.

Once set, the iPhone will start sending you notifications, reminding you that you should really head to bed. Basically, this function works as a reverse alarm clock, with your iPhone pestering you to go to bed instead of waking up.

iphone bedtime app

Sleep reminders aside, the “Bedtime” feature can also work alongside the iPhone’s Health app. Both features will work together to track your sleep time without the need for any wearables.

As stats and sleep habits are tracked automatically, you can access the data gained from this feature inside the Health app.

bedtime app notification

Of course, much like the alarm, “Bedtime” will only work if you choose to follow the set schedule. While the “Bedtime” feature is great in theory, its effectiveness is completely dependant on the individual using it.