Intently Replaces Traditional Ads with Beautiful Graphics

Note: is no longer available.

Ad blockers are some of the more useful tools available that help filter out ads from apps, games or browsers which may annoy and distract the users. However, in the process of filtering out those ads, these ad blockers tend to leave a site with more blank space, which can make the website look emptier.

If having blank space on a website doesn’t appeal to you, then Intently may just be your ideal ad blocker. Usable on Chrome, Firefox and Safari, Intently is an atypical ad blocker. Unlike most ad blockers that remove the ad space directly, Intently replaces the ads with images of its own.

replaces ads with positive message

Intently works in a way that a user signs up to the service and chooses a theme of images that they would like to see. Once chosen, Intently would prompt the user to install the extension on their browser. After the Intently extension goes online, all ads would then be replaced by images that are relevant to the theme that was selected.

replace with relevant theme

Intently’s image library is sorted between two categories:

  • Free Channels – Image collections that everyone can access for free.
  • Premium Channels – Image collections that have certain restrictions.
free and premium channels

A standard Intently user can only subscribe to three Premium Channels. If they wish to subscribe to more, they’ll need to upgrade to an Intently PRO account which costs 9.95 USD per month.

Overall, Intently is a decent alternative to the traditional ad blocker, particularly If you’re not a fan of seeing a sparsely populated website. That being said, there is no denying that Intently’s method of doing so is still quite distracting.

As such, if you want to remove all kinds of distractions from a website, you’ll be better off with a more traditional ad blocker.