Inspirational Workspace: A Tour of’s Office

We are fans of unorthodox art, such as sketches on Starbucks cups, street pavements, and the sides of buildings, etc. Occasionally, we enjoy checking out office designs and sharing ideas on how to spruce up your workspace at home. Today, however, we are treated to an inside look into’s office design. is a new-age social video network that allows users to create their own channels, like They provide you with the right tools to share your videos, make professional live streams, or even basic ones with just a personal computer and a webcam. We’ve been given a special inside look into their amazing office, and we’ve sent our contact from, Deniz, a few questions to reveal insights into what inspired their awesome interior design.

Let’s check out what they have to say about what happened behind the scenes when they dreamed up the office.

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Cultural and Modern Themes

Question: Where did the inspiration for your office design come from?


As a technology company, we pay attention to how other international companies design their offices. We don’t want to copy their office designs, but we wanted to create something unique.


Our inspiration came from Bursa, the city where we are located. There’s even an area designed with a moon and star, referring to the flag of the Turkish Republic.

Moon & Star

Each of the objects in the office refers to a famous item or place in Bursa, while the second floor has a design reminiscent of a 16th and 17th century Ottoman Time Turkish house.

Ottoman House

The Masterminds

Question: Were some of the design ideas given by people who work there?

Office Space

The main idea came from our CEO, Mr. Murat Yaniklar. His sister-in-law was the architect who drew up the plans, while his lovely wife decorated the rooms of the office.

Office Space

The company’s Vice Manager, Mr. Gokhan Yalcin, also put a lot of effort into the designing process. Because of their amazing vision, many people inside the company supported the designs.


One-of-a-Kind Working Environment

Question: What kind of working environment did you want to achieve from creating the unique spaces we are seeing?


The aim was to create lots of free spaces and comfortable working areas. The extreme design and colorful environment make our employees happy, making it easier for them to feel like it’s a second home instead of an office.


Another aim was to incorporate past elements of Bursa with a futuristic and modern view. This can be seen in the objects found throughout the office.


Purposeful Designs

Question: Tell us about the smaller workspaces, particularly those that do not look like regular offices. Are those areas for meetings instead of active workspaces?

Pink Room

The entire area was created to be open and free, so people can work anywhere they like and won’t have to settle on one specific desk.

Library Lounge

We have a cable car space that was designed for meetings, group work, or to welcome our visitors.

Cable Car

There is even a boat which lets people feel like they are a crew on the boat, enjoying the background view from a small seaside town in Mudanya, Bursa.


There is also a furry, egg-shaped room with a special background. It actually refers to floss, as Bursa has been famous for its valuable silk for a very long time.

Floss Room

Question: If I were a new employee at Web.TV, where would my desk be?

Free Working Area

You can work anywhere you want, but we have certain rooms that belong to specific project teams.

Question: Where is your favorite place in the office and why?

Play Area

I have more than one favorite place in the office, like the play area and fitness room.


However, I enjoy the rest area the most. The peaceful room with massage chairs allows me to take a short nap after a busy day. I can also watch the fish in the aquarium to relax.

Resting Area

If that doesn’t work, most of us fall back on our special furry friend named IP. It’s loved by everyone working here, and IP’s task is to go around the entire office to ask employees to take a break and play.

Furry Friend