Powering the Physical Economy with the Digital World

You probably know that it is important for a business to have some sort of Web presence, be it a contact page, a landing page for a product, an e-Commerce page to take in orders or a social media page to interact with customers.

What you may not know is that the dealings in the digital world accounts for more than the total GDP contributions from Canada and Spain. And the numbers are still rising! In 2012, 34% of the world’s population could be found on the Internet; that’s over 2 billion people, half of which is from Asia.

Find details on the rise of China as an infuential power in the $8 trillion-dollar e-Commerce market, the growth of the mobile app economy, who the potential players and leaders in the Internet "supply" ecosystem" are, and more on the Internet’s impact on the world’s economy in this detailed infographic by FEInternational.

internet economic impact infographic