16 Ways How Educators Use Pinterest [Infographic]

Have you joined the pinning craze yet? With all the hype focused on how Pinterest is a social networking site for women and how it is valued at US$200 million etc, we mustn’t lose sight of the technology and potential Pinterest has for the academic world. Pinterest is a platform that allows you to showcase your interest and ideas via the simple act of pinning.

This pinned collection of yours is easily shared to your network of followers or friends. They, in turn, can continue pinning materials from your board to theirs and spread the info further, all at the speed of a click.

The potential behind this information transfer is enormous and now that the technology for it exists, academicians and educators should be quick to jump on the bandwagon and start pinning as well.

To help this process along, onlineuniversities.com has created this infographic showing the ways educators can use Pinterest to collect, organize, collaborate and encourage active learning amongst students.

Think of it like the bulletin board you always pass by at the school corridor – only more regularly updated and with plenty of space for just about everyone to put their stuff up and show to the whole school and beyond.

Pinterest infographic

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