30 Photos of Unusual Houses with Human Faces

I believe we all have had a similar experience during our childhood drawing classes – you draw a house with one door and two windows, and somehow the house looks like it has a face on it! Well, let me tell you, the houses in our real world have that ‘face’ too, and here’s another amazing fact – they are even funnier than your drawings!

That is exactly what we want to share with you today – featuring 30 houses with human-like faces that have an incredibly amusing potential to amaze and entertain you!

So, just sit tight in your house and enjoy this humorous collection of houses with their playful facial expressions. I am pretty sure that after this post, you will step outside your house and take a glance at it, just to see what your lovely house’s face looks like!

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Innisfil Blue House

First of all let us see a standard face! Does this remind you of the house drawings you’ve made in your childhood? Until now I could still only draw a house like this, in 2D feel, of course.

(Image Source: Mr Perry)

innisfil blue house

Either the house designer took inspiration from a Japanese comic or game artist, or the artists took the inspiration from this house designer, because this looks like the amusing faces in animes and games!

(Image Source: jili’m)


If you’re a hardcore Hatsune Miku fan, you will know this funny face expression at first glance. A mini hint here.

(Image Source: Zhuang77)


The owner of this house must be a happy guy, as he could just look at his house whenever he feels down.

(Image Source: Jenguin)

Angry House

I’m pretty sure that this house has few theft cases… at least in the morning.

(Image Source: Houses with Faces)

angry house

“That isn’t funny at all, dude.”

(Image Source: cheesemonster)

Cute House

The cuteness level here is through the roof (so to speak)!

(Image Source: TheDentures)

cute house
Dog House

Its level of awesomeness and cuteness surpasses most houses with human faces. And I seriously doubt if the designer intended to design the house this way.

(Image Source: RuSt)

dog house
Double Face

The lesson here is next time you open a restaurant, you gotta choose buildings that got amusing and friendly face that seems like it’s asking you, “Hey, want some coffee?”

(Image Source: _Marcel_)

double face
Even Got Teeth

It’s not a full smile but at least this one got some teeth?

(Image Source: Jacob…K)

even got teeth
Funky House

“Cheer up yo!” Depressed people need this house, as it constantly reminds you to ‘take it easy’.

(Image Source: SReed99342)

funky house
Ghost Face

Real high cheekbones.

(Image Source: martinj13)

ghost face
Got the Blues

“Not today dude, not today…”

(Image Source: _Marcel_)

got the blues
Haired House

Complete with the half-covered-eye look you get with a hairstyle like this.

(Image Source: mandragor.de)

haired house
Happy House

It’s happy because of the full harvest!

(Image Source: sekundo)

happy house

Unique house comes with unique faces. I wonder what’s the real purpose of the purple section, apart from giving the house a mouth!

(Image Source: desisfad)


‘He’s photographing me, gotta put on a good smile! Hehe!’

(Image Source: Isoflow)

I Will Kill You

“Don’t mess with me, mortal!” Psycho(-looking) house spotted!

(Image Source: Mama Zita)

i will kill you
I’m Watching You

It kinda creeps me out at first, but these ‘eyes’ are common building patterns in a certain country.

(Image Source: Afri Ola)

i'm watching you
Kyoto Face

Am I the only one who thinks that the face looks exactly like the yellow Angry Bird‘s face? Now I know where Angry Bird developers drew their inspiration from!

(Image Source: zio Paolino)

kyoto face
Lion Face

You don’t need a bricked house to make a face, and heck, this looks even more surreal!

(Image Source: courregesg)

lion face
Looking Right

“Dude, you sure about that?” says house to something off-screen.

(Image Source: sebisghosts)

looking right

I’m not really sure if the builder wanted to make a cute face at the side of this house.

(Image Source: joseanavas)

Ooh!! Pretty!!

Gasp! What do you think it saw?

(Image Source: jackofgrey)

ooh pretty

It knows it’s having its photo taken!

(Image Source: kosmonautica)

The Walls Have Ears

And when it’s not clear enough, let’s go and add eyes and a mouth to the house for a proper face.

(Image Source: Liz du Canada)

the walls have ears

Japan, oh Japan, you never failed to amuse me. Do you see ultraman in there?

(Image Source: troutfactory)


Not sure if it looks happy, but at least it looks friendly!

(Image Source: eneko123)


If I pass by this house, I will respond to it with the same expression. =_=.

(Image Source: TheDentures)



Illusion is fun! And from the street art series to Cinemagraph to 4D artworks, you could know that we at hongkiat.com are a big fan of illusion! But this post won’t have materialized if there were no playful photographers taking these phtos. So yeah, it’s craziness and playfulness that make this world so interesting and fantastic!

Did you spot a house with a funny face expression somewhere? Or do you have a house with one? Challenge the houses showcased above by showing us even more house photos with an even funnier face expression! We’re ready to be crazily amused.