Highly Appreciated Web Tools and Services in 2018

Finding a piece of software that can ease your job as a designer or developer is a hard and time-consuming task. There are thousands of solutions on the market, some are great and some not so good. You should also invest money as many of them are not offering free trials or are not offering all the functions in this period.

For all of you who want to know which the most highly appreciated web tools in services in 2018, from different fields (logo, landing, and website creators; icons library and much more), here is a showcase of 30 excellent solutions. Check them and share your opinions.

  1. Tailor Social – The Smarter Social Media Management Tool
    tailor social

    If you’re seeking to upgrade your social media presence for your next web or design project, setting up Tailor Social is a strong starting point.

    Tailor Social is the latest addition to suite of products from Tailor Brands the logo design and branding company.

    The new social media management platform expands on the existing social media tools to provide a full suite of features that include scheduling, design, and AI-based recommendations to uncover relevant content.

    When you first sign up, you can choose your industry as well as scroll through a variety of different posts that are relevant. After completing this step, Tailor Socials’ Content Guru algorithm will find posts based on your selections and quickly populate your social media calendar to get you started on Twitter and Facebook.

    If you prefer to take a more direct approach to your strategy, you can also add and remove content from your schedule at any time, and create your own posts using the social media post designer. You can add your own text, backgrounds, and color palettes to create truly unique content for posting across all your social media accounts.

    You can start with managing 2 accounts on the company’s $10 a month Basic plan, or upgrade to 7 accounts with the Professional account for $15 a month. If you have several projects and clients, you can select the Corporate plan which gives you up to 30 accounts for $50 a month.

  2. Hotjar – See how your visitors are really using your site

    Hotjar is an all-in-one powerful solution that will give complete and affordable insights for any organization size. Have a better understanding of what, why and how visitors interact with your website. The Heatmaps will do that for you on the spot. Hotjar is offering an example of such a Heatmap and documentation, understanding it will be very easy.

    Another great features that Hotjar is offering are the possibility to record your website visitors actions, see where they click, tap or scroll, or understand where is the dropping off point, on which page and at which step.

    Interested to understand how are your forms being used? Hotjar will help you. Improve online form completion rates by discovering which fields take too long to fill, which are left blank, and why your visitors abandon your form and page.

    Start with the free forever plan and upgrade it anytime you need. On the pricing page you will find solutions for any type of company, from startups to Fortune 500. Join the 210,000 companies that use Hotjar with great success.

  3. Landingi – A Powerful Landing Page Builder

    Landingi is a great landing page builder that can be used by anyone, you don’t need to have any coding skills or special knowledge. There are over 4,000 companies using it with great success, including the huge corporations PayPal and SonyMusic.

    You will find a powerful drag and drop builder, over 200 excellent templates, 5,000 free images to pick from and 800 Google Fonts. You want to have a YouTube or Video background, is possible with Landingi.

    Landingi landing pages look great on any device and can be integrated with MailChimp, HubSpot, SalesForce and many others.

    Start the 14-day free trial, you don’t need a credit card and registration takes less than 1 minute.

  4. Orion – 6014 Free SVG Vector Icons

    Designers and developers need lots of icons for their daily projects and it’s not an easy job to find them. Orion is a huge library that is offering for free 6,014 gorgeous icons. A big advantage when using Orion is that they are offering a powerful web app where you can modify icons, save them in collections, in different formats and much more. From $5 per month, you can have access to their PRO version which comes packed with 2,599 new icons and other cool things. Browse this huge icon library and pick what you need.

    They also have a fall deal with an exclusive 68% discount for the forever Pro version:


  5. WP Page Builder
    WP Page Builder

    WP Page Builder is a completely free WordPress website builder, packed with all the features you can think of. Form, Carousel, Post Grid, Pricing Table, Flip Box, and many other powerful addons come free with this WordPress plugin.

    Creating professional and gorgeous websites with WP Page Builder takes less than 30 minutes and the results are impressive.

  6. Format — Free Website Template Using Bootstrap For Portfolio

    Format is a powerful free website template using Bootstrap that you can use to build your next portfolio. It is used by web designers, agencies, web studios and freelancers to showcase their work in a professional and creative way, without spending even one dollar. Get Format and have a new portfolio website.

  7. AppBeat Monitoring
    AppBeat Monitoring

    If your website goes down, what would that cost you? Money, customers, goodwill? Monitor your online service proactively so you can react before it affects your business. AppBeat is a powerful monitoring service that can monitor your website, certificates, ping, domain, email and others.

    The interface and reports are very easy to use.

  8. BrowseEmAll

    BrowseEmAll is a professional and complete cross-browser testing tool. Test your website in more than 25 web and mobile browsers on your local machine. No cloud services involved and the process is easy, you don’t need to have previous experience.

    Start a free and fully functional 14-day trial.

  9. MultiBrowser

    Used with great success by lots of companies, including huge brands like Xerox, AT&T and Accenture, MultiBrowser is a responsive, mobile and automated cross-browser testing service that is packed with lots of features and a great interface.

    MultiBrowser has functionalities that will make your life easy. If you need to demonstrate a bug step-by-step, use the built-in recorder. Save the pain of manually performing interface/functionality tests on multiple browsers with MultiBrowser’s Automated Functionality Tester. Record and playback tests just like capturing video on your phone camera – it’s as simple as that.

  10. Codester

    Codester a huge marketplace where designers and developers will find thousands of web related products. There are scripts and codes, app templates, gorgeous website themes, plugins, graphics and even a flash sales section that you should check daily for the best deals.

    Looking for an additional income? Codester lets you sell your work on their website and they are not requesting exclusivity over your products.

  11. Visme

    Visme is a powerful scatter plot maker and content creation tool, yes – but it’s also so much more than that, too. These Web-based tools use a plethora of pre-designed templates that, along with a sleek and easy interface, finally put the power of 21st-century marketing back in your hands where it belongs.

  12. 48HoursLogo

    There are times when we need a professional logo design fast, on the spot if possible and our budget is very limited. For these situations, 48HoursLogo can help us big time. A professional logo design can be obtained for $128 where multiple designers will compete and dozens of concepts will be sent to choose from.

  13. Designhooks

    Probably the best free resources website on the market for web designers and developers is Designhooks. It is packed with thousands of high-quality products starting with PSD Mockups, Sketches, HTML templates and ending with WordPress themes and others. Everything looks great and it is absolutely free.

  14. MailMunch

    With the powerful drag-and-drop builder and professional themes, MailMunch is the best landing page creator on the market. There are more than 50,000 websites increasing conversions from their landing page with this solution.

    The themes are mobile friendly and can be fully customized to be a perfect fit for your project.

    With MailMunch, anyone can create a professional squeeze page, a landing page created with the main purpose of converting visitors into email subscribers. In a couple of minutes you will have the lead magnet started.

  15. Userfeel

    Let real-life testers see your website and find out what they think and feel about it. Userfeel will help you do all of that quickly and without headaches. For only $49 per usability test, you can watch an actual user’s mouse movements, as he/she is trying to use your website. At the same time, you’ll be listening to their continuous flow of spoken comments!

  16. Unlayer – Email Editor

    Unlayer is a powerful and all-in-one email editor and page builder for SaaS. Let your customers create beautiful mobile-ready emails or landing pages right from your app. Save lots of money and time by using this ready-made solution and forget about developing a new one in years.

  17. PingPong

    PingPong helps you carry out great product research by finding & scheduling interviews with users from all over the world. There are only a few steps and you end by working with real-life testers that you select. Try it.

  18. Racks

    Racks is a gorgeous, professional and free software company website template where you will find features that are normally present in expensive themes. This theme is SEO friendly, responsive, very fast and easy to configure. Everything you need is there. Building a new website with this free template.

  19. Controlio

    With Controlio you control your employees PC activity by having real-time surveillance, continuous screen recording, key logging and much more. All of these features are very effective to improve productivity, respect deadlines and increase security.

    Track active and idle time per app and website and get rid of bottlenecks in your workflow.

  20. Brizy

    With over 150 gorgeous premade blocks and powerful drag-and-drop builder, Brizy will help you create a stunning website without having any special skills and without effort. The results are incredibly good, Brizy is working with any WordPress website and it is free.

  21. MeridianThemes

    At MeridianThemes website you will find gorgeous and powerful WordPress themes that are SEO friendly, very fast and easy to fully customize. All of their templates can be a good fit for many projects.

    Check their portfolio.

  22. FreelanceLogoDesign

    Looking for a great logo design and you don’t want to spend a fortune? Freelance Logo Design will help you have that in 60 minutes or less. You start by simply entering a logo design brief and paying $19. You will be assigned 3 logo designers that will send you 6 custom logos to choose from. If you like one of the designers, you can pay $49 for the copyright.

  23. actiTIME

    actiTIME is a powerful Time Tracking & Scope Management software, packed with tons of great features such as time management, project progress control, billing and invoicing. Thousands of companies worldwide run their business with actiTIME. Install a free version or sign up for a free online trial.

  24. MediaLoot

    Packed with thousands of free and premium fonts, icons, graphics, templates and much more, Medialoot is one of the best marketplaces for web designers and developers. The website is very well structured and the quality of the products is outstanding. It is easy to improve your projects by using high-quality items from Medialoot.

  25. Logoshi — Logo Maker

    Logoshi is the logo design solution to use when you want a first class logo design while spending a minimum amount of money. Try the logo maker for free. Pay only when you are happy with your design. There are 3 pricing plans that start at $5 and the results are excellent. Give Logoshi a try, the logo creation process is very fast and enjoyable.

  26. Pixpa

    Pixpa is a powerful portfolio builder that can be used by anybody, without having any special knowledge or coding skills. The online portfolio website lets you do everything in one place with integrated e-commerce, client galleries, and blogging tools.

    Try it for free for 15 days, you don’t need a credit card.

  27. WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math

    Rank Math is the fastest and most powerful SEO plugin for WordPress. It configures itself, it has an excellent and simple to use interface and powerful new features will be soon added. Help your website get more visitors and increase conversions.

  28. Goodie

    Goodie is a strong web development service made by professionals for professionals. They are a perfect fit for small and local businesses, for designers looking to have a reliable web developer partner, for 1-10 pages modern websites and simple WordPress projects. Discuss with them your next project.

  29. Inspectlet

    Stop guessing what your visitors do on your website. Google Analytics tells you what, Inspectlet tells you why being used with great success by more than 90,000 companies.

    Inspectlet records videos of your visitors as they use your site, allowing you to see everything they do. See every mouse movement, scroll, click, and keypress on your site. You never need to wonder how visitors are using your site again.

    Try the demo.

  30. Freelance Invoice
    Freelance Invoice

    With over 100,000 happy users, Bonsai is the best freelancers invoicing solution on the market. Web designers, developers, photographers and many others are using this solution with great success. You can use to create and fully customize professional invoices in seconds. The interface is very simple to use, and it contains everything you need in one place.

    Bonsai is literally packed with tons of great features that you will like. Register for the free trial to see it in action.

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