20+ Free E-Commerce Icon Sets to Download

Looking for shopping icons for your online business? You’re on the right spot. We have gathered here more than 20 icon sets that cover all the necessary icons you would probably find, and therefore should have, at an e-Commerce store.

This may include icons for the shopping cart, item price, calculator, checkout, delivery preference, form of payment (credit card or cryptocurrency), etc.

Almost all of the icon sets you see below are in vector format, so you can easily modify the color, size and strokes to your heart’s content. Note, that the usage for some of these icon sets require attribution to the creators so do pay a little attention to their terms of use available at the download source. If you are looking for more icon sets, check these out:

20 e-Commerce Icons by Pavel Koslov. Available in: .AI, .PSD.[Download]

40 e-Commerce Icons by PopWebdesign. Available in .AI, .EPS. [Download]

45 e-Commerce Icons by Icons Mind. Available in .EPS, .SVG, .AI, .PSD, .PNG. [Download]

e-Commerce Icons by Anton Scherbik. Available in: .PNG, .SVG [Download]

e-Commerce Icons by Virgil Pana. Available in: .PSD. [Download]

Business Icons by IconFinder. Available in: .SVG, .AI, .PNG [Download]

Flat Style Icons by Rafi. Available in: .AI, .EPS, .SVG, .PDF [Download]

Flat Icons by Freepik. Available in: .EPS, .PNG, .SVG, .PSD, .EOT, .TTF, .WOFF. [Download]

Outline Icons by Chris B. Available in: .AI, .EPS, .PNG [Download]

Swifticons by UiSurf. Available in: .PNG, .SVG, .EPS. [Download]

Line Shopping Icons by FreeVectors. Available in: .PNG, .PSD, .EPS, .AI. [Download]

90 Icons by Jane Cross. Available in: .JPG, .PNG, .AI, .PDF, .EPS, .SVG. [Download]

Linea by Dario Ferrando. Available in: .SVG, .PNG, .TTF, .WOFF. [Download]

Noun Project Icons by Ralf Scgmitzer. Available in: .SVG, .PNG [Download]

Line Icons by Yuri Marzursky. Available in: .PNG, .SVG. [Download]

Buy Icons by HevnGrafix Creative. Available in: .AI, .EPS. [Download]

E-Commerce Icons by Kyle Adams. Available in: .AI and .SVG. [Download]

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