50 Recipe Infographics to Make You a Better Cook

41. Coffee Recipes for the Happy Drinker

Regular coffee boring you? Spice things up a little with the recipes and instructions in this frappe-filled infographic.

Source: visual.ly

42. #KnowYourKnives

While we’d probably have half a dozen knives to our name, there are actually a ton of other knives that get the job done more easily. Do you know your knives?

Source: visual.ly

43. Kitchen 101: Eggs

Eggs are one of the main and most versatile ingredients to use while baking. Understand eggs better with this infographic.

Source: kitchengeek.net

44. Guide to Aromatics

Create dishes that are more aromatic and healthier with the right herbs and vegetables with this handy guide. The garlic and onions are worth it.

Source: cooksmarts.com

45. Ultimate Burger Guide

If you love cookouts, making patties, grilling burgers, concocting family recipe sauces, get a leg up on your BBQ-ing skills with this awesome infographic.

Source: cooksmarts.com

46. 38 Ways to Make The Perfect Coffee

Coffee fanatics might love this infographic which breaks down the compositions of 38 different coffees. How many have you even heard of?

Source: visual.ly


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