50 Recipe Infographics to Make You a Better Cook

31. Guide to Flavoring With Spices

Those TV chefs keep going off about allspice and turmeric and nutmeg and more. Well, if you can go through this detailed infographic, you will (finally) understand what they are talking about.

Source: cooksmarts.com

32. 10 Easy Homemade Soups

Love mom’s chicken soup but don’t know how to make it? Why limit yourself to just chicken-for-sick-people soup? Here are 10 awesome half-hour recipes.

Source: shape.com

33. Conversion Chart: Basic Ingredients

If cooking recipes confound you everytime they use the term "cup", this chart will show you what they actually meant in metrics.

Source: javacupcake.com

34. Conversion Chart: Measurements & Temperatures

Here’s another conversion chart you should have in the kitchen if you bake.

Source: javacupcake.com

35. How to Brine a Turkey

There’s an infographic for everything out there, including one on how to get your turkey ready. It also comes with do’s and don’ts when it comes to brining.

Source: traegergrills.com

36. Knives of the Kitchen

Ever wonder what those differently shaped knives are good for? Plenty, in fact. Check out the how each of these knives make the cut.

Source: visual.ly

37. 50 Simple Salads for Every Season

An incredible infographic with 50 salad recipes for all four seasons, complete with 5 different dressing recipes. You have no reason to not love veggies after this.

Source: cooksmarts.com

38. The World’s Best Guacamole

The world’s best guacamole needs 10 ingredients and only 1 hour or so to make. Will it live up to the hype? You need to try it yourself to find out, I guess.

Source: visual.ly

39. Ultimate Party meatballs

Who knew a meatball recipe would include jellied cranberry sauce? If you do try this recipe though, let us know how it turned out.

Source: visual.ly

Ultimate Party meatballs
40. Best 5 Hot Drinks to Warm Your Toes

Make your own "specialty drink" with the recipes shared by a Beverage Manager (apparently, they are the ones in charge of creating new drinks to quench their customer’s thirst).

Source: visual.ly


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