Eliminate Distractions with Firefox Test Pilot’s Snooze Tabs

Have you ever bumped into a webpage that has an interesting article but you can’t read it at the moment because you’re swamped in work? Well, if you’re a Firefox browser user, you can opt to "snooze" that page for perusal later as Firefox has introduced a new feature called SnoozeTabs.

Currently being tested out on Firefox’s Test Pilot program, SnoozeTabs will let you set a snooze timer on an open browser tab. All you have to do is click on the SnoozeTabs icon located next to the browser’s search bar, choose a time period in which you would like the tab to reappear again, and Firefox would immediately close down the tab.

Once the snooze period ends, Firefox would then reopen the tab in the background, allowing you to view said tab once you’re done with your work.

firefox snooze tab

The snooze time period available on SnoozeTabs ranges from "Later Today", all the way up to a full month. Alternatively, if you have a specific time in which you know that you’re available, you can opt to input a custom time into SnoozeTabs instead.

One thing to note about SnoozeTabs is that it is still currently in its testing stages. As such, do expect some glitches and bugs with the feature. One such example can be seen in the screenshot provided above where the custom date option is noticeably missing from the menu. If you’re not a fan of buggy features, it’s probably wise to wait until the feature gets a final release.