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Note: is no longer available.

Every designer relies on other sites for inspiration. It’s the cornerstone of web design and is especially useful for beginners entering the design space.

But many inspiration galleries focus on homepages or weird/unique layouts. It’s tough to find inspiration for 404 pages, checkout pages, and blog layouts all on the same site. is different. It’s a free web design gallery with categories arranged by the page rather than the style. The site focuses on big brands and high-quality designs so you can gather ideas from the very best of the web. gallery

From the homepage you’ll find a huge list of categories along the left-hand side. These categories seem never-ending and they include a ton of common webpages.

You can usually Google search to find inspiration galleries for cart pages or 404 pages or whatever you’re looking for.

But this interface gallery has everything in one place organized by page style. You can even vote up your favorite pages to bring them closer to the top and get more visibility to those designs.

The category list is massive but here are some of my favorite page categories that really stand out:

  • Careers.
  • FAQs.
  • How-to pages.
  • Press/newsrooms.
  • Help centers.
  • Product pages.
  • Blog and news homepages.

Each category is hand-curated by the team and you can even submit your own ideas if you find some cool stuff online.

The gallery is still new and fairly small. As of this writing the gallery only includes 650 items across all categories. inspiration gallery

But the design community is one of the largest and most helpful groups of people with a true passion for the Internet.

As this site grows I guarantee more people will submit their designs in to the site. can become your go-to source for web inspiration when building those quirky pages you rarely find in other galleries.