Find Awesome Design Case Studies in the Case Study Club

Huge online repository of design-focused case studies in the area of UI, UX, product design, and branding etc.

You can learn a lot by reading through case studies. These often feel like journies through more complex projects where you can pick up new techniques and learn how to handle certain challenges.

The Case Study Club is one great resource for design case studies with a lot to offer.

It’s a huge online repository for design-focused case studies conducted by designers all over the world. You can browse by category and even check out the latest case studies recently added to the site.

case study club homepage

Each study links out to the original article with a bit of information about the topic. For example, this study involves UX sound design written by a designer at Facebook.

I’ve often found that case studies can be a huge pain to locate and Google isn’t the best source for finding newer articles like this. Typically the best case studies are shared via social media.

The Case Study Club makes it so much easier to scout awesome studies talking about:

  • User experience design.
  • Interface design.
  • Product design.
  • Branding.
  • General design workflows.

You’ll be surprised how much is here and how many case studies you’ll find, most of which I guarantee you’ve never seen before.

sample case studies

Their newsletter is also completely free and it’s the easiest way to stay on top of new additions. If you want direct updates for new design case studies then join their free email list. You won’t be disappointed!

Or if you publish your own awesome case study try submitting it to the site. Your post may end up listed with good company.