10+ Gadgets to Help You Fight Stress

Modern living can be busy, demanding, and always switched on. While we are not able to control the external stress-inducing factors from our surroundings, we can better manage how we react to them.

Sometimes, it is as simple as clearing your head and taking full, slow breaths while collecting yourself. Other times, you need to detach yourself from the issue by doing something easy, low-maintenance and repetitive like doodling or coloring. Then, there are stress relief gadgets like the ones collected here.


Bucky cubes consists of many cubes which are super strong and can attract objects that are longer many time in size. Bucky cubes are perfect building blocks that allow you to create amazing patterns and relieve stress along the go.


Chalkboard Organizer

If too many things are bogging you down, you are going to implode from the stress. Relaxing doesn’t help remove all that backlog, but organizing yourself might. Here is a weekly magnetic planner that you can mount to a wall, allowing you to literally take a step back and look at your work. Stick important notes or write on it with chalk.

chalkboard organizer

Giant Stress Ball

Do you remember those puny stress balls we can hold in one hand? This stretchy and squishy stress ball trumps that with its XXL size. It is filled with thousands of small gel balls that squish and dart around when squeezed. It’s a super tool to relieve super-sized stress. Available in blue and pink.



Mentally tired? Take a load off your brain with this hynocube. Made up of 64 RGB LEDs which can bedazzle with more than 4000 color combinations, this hynocube also has transition effects that give you unique and stunning displays.


Motivational Stress Balls

Stress balls have been used for a long time to provide natural stress relief. But these particular stress balls not just help you relieve tension, but they also motivate you through different inspirational quotes written on them. The stress balls have a durable and soft design that is strong enough to squeeze but gentle enough to be squishy and safe.

motivational stress ball

Svet Light Bulb

In some cases, your stress might be caused by high exposure to artificial lighting. This may vary from one individual to another but if you think this is a cause of your stress build-up, check out Svet, a high-end technology light bulb that mimics natural light. It can finetune your current surroundings to keep you energized or relaxed, and it’s safe for your eyes.


QuietOn Noise Cancelling Earplugs

Stress can also come from being in unfamiliar surroundings, or a noisy one, especially when you cannot grab enough sleep. Drown out the environment noise with these awesome earbuds. They feature sophisticated technology to silence disruptive noise. You can even wear it while sleeping.


Desktop Punching Ball

Tired of being the punching bag in the office? Transfer some of that frustration to an actual punching ball like this stress buster. Put it on your desk and let the heavy spring bring the ball back after every punch, ready for more. A pump is included to keep the thing balanced.


Body Massage Mat

All that stress can cause stiffness in certain parts of your body, particularly the neck and shoulders. This massage mat can hep with that, as well as with the physical stress from sitting in front of the computer for long periods. Say bye-bye to the pain.


Breo iSee360 Eye Massager

Have a headache or tired eyes but can’t find the time to catch a quick nap? Slip into a brief reprieve with this eye massager. It is held in place with a strap. There are three massaging modes and a built-in music player. Great for those who do not rest enough or get migraines caused by stress.


Sona Smart Bracelet

What sets the Sona Smart bracelet apart from the smart bracelet crowd is its high-end heart rate monitoring technology. The bracelet app guides you through meditation exercises meant to even out your breathing, which ideally strengthen your body’s automatic response to stress, and gives you personalized advice about your habits. Available in Rose Gold, Gold, and Gunmetal.


The Pip

The pip is an innovative gadget which helps you see your stress levels. It helps you realize when you have reached critical levels of stress and thus will be more readily receptive of the idea of slowing down or taking a break. The Pip is portable; you can take it wherever you go. It works with an app.


Let us know of your favorite stress-busting gadgets, methods, and techniques in the comments below.