Five Essential Magento Extensions You Need

Magento is probably the most solid e-Commerce platform around. If you own an online store, you probably have given some consideration to using Magento on your site. Even big names like Nike, MotherCare, and Bazaar are on Magento.

Still, Magento has a few features that could really be improved further, which is why sometimes you need to be proactive and check out what you can better achieve with extensions.

Magento Extensions is a collection of extensions that can add extra functionalities that you might want on your e-Commerce website. Whether it is to track your sales and invoices or to make checkout a lot easier for your visitors, these extensions can help you better manage your online business and more.

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Even if you have an e-Commerce site, you can still use a blog to announce promotions, news on upcoming products, write about your company alongside other relevant content about your business. This may help in attracting visitors to your online store. If you want to have a blog try Blogs.

The extension serves as a regular blogging platform including RSS, native WYSIWYG editor, and excerpt fields.

magento blog

One Page Checkout

By default, Magento set six separate steps to complete checkout for the goods you are buying, which in truth may annoy some of your customers. This extension, One Page Checkout, simplifies the checkout process into just a single step.

The extension also comes with auto-complete feature that will fill the checkout for your customers. Try this if you want to uncomplicate the checkout process.

magento one page checkout


MatrixRate lets you adjust the shipping cost based on customer location, destination, ZipCode numerical ranges (e.g. 5000-6000), product price and number of items, cart weight, subtotal or quantity. If you want more flexibility on how you decide the shipping price, this is the extension to install.

magento matrix rate


Shopping online may be convenient but there are people with reservations against trusting a seller that you haven’t seen in person. In cases like that, customers usually fall back on reviews by other buyers to help determine their purchasing decisions. Yotpo improves the Magento review facility by allowing you to email customers after a purchase for a review and thoughts on their purchase.

You can also customize the email style and the Reviews widget.

magento yotpo


For each completed purchase order, Magento will generate a separate numbering convention for the documents to the sale, documents such as the invoices, memos, and shipment notes. This could be very inconvenient when you need to find an invoice for a particular sale due to the inconsistent numbering.

Fooman helps you better manage your invoices by auto-generating these documents with consistent numbering, so you can easily find locate the document you need.

magento fooman