Envato Elements Offers Quality Design Assets That Don’t Break the Bank

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The Envato brand is associated with the highest quality content on the web. Between their Tuts+ line of online learning materials to the Envato Marketplaces you can find hundreds of thousands of valuable resources for designers, developers, and digital creatives.

Now Envato is moving even further into the digital landscape with Envato Elements. This subscription has brand new creative assets highly curated for quality with a single monthly fee offering complete access to the entire 5000+ item library.

To get a taste of Envato Elements check out their one minute teaser video.

Premier Creative Assets

The Envato Elements library is full of high-quality creative assets made by professional designers. It currently holds over 5,000 items including fonts, templates, icons, UI kits, and so much more.

Over time new categories will be added to the store expanding the range of creative assets. Plus trending items will be ranked each week to help you pick from the most popular items. And new items will be added each week to continue building the Envato Elements library even larger.

Independent designers from around the world contribute to the Envato Elements library with each item curated to ensure the highest quality possible. It’s difficult to list every category available in the library but here’s a brief list of some popular assets:

  • Icon Sets
  • Fonts
  • Website mockups
  • Product mockups
  • Print mockups
  • Infographics
  • Patterns
  • Textures
  • Logos
  • And a lot more!

It’s also worth mentioning that each item is shared under the same commercial license. This means you never need to worry about misusing any Envato Elements assets.

The commercial license applies to everything from fonts to templates and even new categories that get added over time.

Everything downloaded from Envato Elements can be used in both commercial work and personal projects without paying extra for a different license.

However this license does not allow you to re-sell or distribute these assets as your own. And if you don’t renew your subscription then you forego any future licensing as well.

But everything you use while under the subscription will always & forever be covered under the Envato Elements commercial license. Just one flat monthly fee and you’re able to generate unlimited licenses for each asset, even if you use an asset more than once!

Fee Structures

In celebration of the new launch, Envato Elements’ pricing has been cut down for a limited time. You can sign up now for $29/month and keep that rate forever.

This special offer is available to anyone who signs up during the early days of the initial release. Eventually the regular Envato Elements plan will raise up to $49/mo and stay that way for good. But if you get in early you get to keep your rate locked for the life of your account.

This is a great deal for designers who want full access to a creative asset library at a huge discount.

If you know that you’ll want access to the Envato Elements library then it’s worth getting in early rather than later. You can check out the homepage for more details and sign up for a free account just to get started.

And according to their about page Envato Elements will be sharing 50% of the site’s net revenue with the independent designers who create all this content.

After all, without creatives making these resources Envato Elements wouldn’t exist.

Envato Quality

For just over a decade Envato has been publishing incredible design/dev tutorials on Tuts+ and has helped designers sell their products on marketplaces like ThemeForest.

Quality has always been the highest priority with all of these websites and it’s a big reason why Envato is so successful. Quality is vital in the design world, and if you’re paying for something you definitely want to get your money’s worth.

The current Envato Elements library has about 5.5k assets with new ones being added frequently. You can check out the full library to see what’s available and to gauge quality for yourself.

Since Envato Elements is a subscription based service you get access to quality design assets without paying for each individual item. It’s great for designers who often find themselves buying individual items from online marketplaces. And you can always cancel your subscription at any time if you don’t need access anymore.

But the quality assets will still be there and Envato’s commitment to quality will always remain the same.

Launch Details

Envato Elements is already online and the sooner you sign up the cheaper it’ll be.

You can start with a free account to just browse through the library before committing to a monthly subscription. There’s a lot to see and you should look through everything to make sure you can get some use out of the library.

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Early subscribers will stay fixed at the cheaper price rate for the length of that subscription. You’ll get unlimited monthly downloads and broad commercial licenses for every asset. Right now the rate is $29/mo but it’ll only stay that way for a limited time.

Envato Elements is the perfect resource for designers who often scour the web looking for the right premium fonts, icons, mockup templates, digital graphics and other creative assets. You can save a lot of time by joining the growing library of Envato Elements curated by the reputable creative team at Envato.

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