4 New Dropbox Public Folder Changes You Need to Know

Are you a Dropbox user? Then you should know that Dropbox’s Public folder feature has received some huge changes. Here’s what you need to know about the changes to Dropbox’s Public folder.

Basic users will see their Public folder converted into a standard folder

Beginning on March 15th, 2017, Dropbox Basic users who’ve registered after October 4th, 2012 will see their Public folders converted into a standard folder automatically. Once the change happens, all public links to the files in the folder will cease to work. Those who used the expired link we’ll be brought to an error page instead.

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Basic users will need to re-share their files using shared folders / shared links

As Dropbox Basic users no longer have access to Public folders, users will now need to rely on shared folders or shared links. Dropbox has mentioned that it is unable to convert existing public links into shared links. As such, Dropbox Basic users will have to re-share their files.

Pro, Plus, and Business users lost access to the Public folder

If you’ve subscribed to either Dropbox Pro, Plus or Business, you’ll be able to utilise your Public folder up until September 1st, 2017. Past that date, you’ll need to rely on shared folders and shared links to share content with other people. As such, do remember to migrate your files to shared folders before the cutoff date.

Rendering HTML content no longer possible

On top of losing access to the Public folder, Dropbox Pro, Plus, and Business users will also lose the ability to render HTML content on September 1st, 2017. Until that day comes though, you’ll still be able able to render HTML content using public links.