Showcase of Dieselpunk Artworks

So by this point most of us are familiar with the steampunk aesthetic. But how many people out there know about dieselpunk? Dieselpunk style is similar to steampunk, but there are distinct differences. While steampunk focuses on Victorian-age sci-fi, dieselpunk is based on the style and technology of the early 20th century, from World War I through World War II. The “punk” suffix on the word indicates its counter-cultural influence in regard to its opposition to historically-accurate and contemporary aesthetics. It’s similar in many ways to the noir styles of the time, though isn’t necessarily as dark.

The term “dieselpunk” was coined in 2001 by game designer Lewis Pollak to describe the style of his role-playing game Children of the Sun, but it has since grown to encompass the style of a number of mediums, including art, music, movies, fiction, and more. There are two basic styles of dieselpunk, one based on the roaring twenties with a mostly positive view of technology and culture, and the other based on World War II with a much darker style and often based on widespread warfare.

Below are more than 50 awesome dieselpunk artworks to give you a taste of what dieselpunk is all about!

Dieselpunk Cars (Image Source: RyanLovelock)

KIEV Dieselpunk Hovercraft (Image Source: Lipatov)

Dieselpunk Hovercraft (Image Source: Lipatov)

Arrival in Utopia (Image Source: Lipatov)

DeiselPunk Gall (Image Source: Kaaskop)

Dieselpunk Robot (Image Source: Chaingunchimp)

Dieselpunk (Image Source: Sedeptra)

Dieselpunk Girl (Image Source: Vadich)

Desert Sands (Image Source: Mykeamend)

Soldier (Image Source: Beaver-Skin)

Gwen in Her Hepmobile Rocket (Image Source: BWS)

The Widowmaker (Image Source: Davincisghost)

090509 – Dispute (Image Source: 600v)

Claudia (Image Source: Lipatov)

Red Baroness (Image Source: LadyDeuce)

Mobilzitadelle “Franz-Josef I” (Image Source: JanBoruta)

The City of Tomorrow (Image Source: BWS)

Rush Hour (Image Source: Malaveldt)

250409 – BB2 3-4 (Image Source: 600v)

290809 – NFZ T1 v2 (Image Source: 600v)

210609 – NFZ A2 (Image Source: 600v)

Ironclas (Image Source: MurderousAtomaton)

Let’s Have Another Cup… (Image Source: BWS)

Aviatrix (Image Source: Conceptbloke)

Calling the Space Patrol (Image Source: BWS)

GateHouse Gazette 10 Cover (Image Source: mykeamend)

Eurocentric Liner (Image Source: Stefanparis)

Diesel City3 (Image Source: Stefanparis)

Retro-Futurism Poster Project (Image Source: Inochi-zero.)

Wheel of Fortune (Image Source: Mykeamend)

Fasten Your Seat Belt (Image Source: Stefanparis)

At Your Usual Dealer (Image Source: Stefanparis)

Twentieth Century (Image Source: Stefanparis)

The Iron Baker (Image Source: Kallini)

Freedom in the Clouds (Image Source: ViaruTarkin)

Pegasus IV (Image Source: Stefanparis)

Panzerarmee “Radetzky” (Image Source: JanBoruta)

Grenadier (Image Source: Vkucukemre)

Space Spy (Image Source: Innovari)

Dieselpunk Airships (Image Source: Tome Wilson)

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