40 State-of-the-Art Humanoid Robot Artworks

Once the fantasy of science fiction, robots are now a reality. A decade ago, these useful machines have been limited in their functionality to the sorts of repetitive tasks suitable for automation. Today robots are beginning to enter our lives in much more personal ways. Robots will be intelligent machines to be integrated both on our domestic and industrial life.

Today we’ve assembled an amazing collection of jaw-dropping computer graphic robot designs from various talented artists. With the help of powerful 3d rendering and illustration software, each artist presents their own creativity and skills in their masterpiece. Hopefully one of these designs will inspire you to create your own unique masterpiece. Enjoy!

Mech Call via Peter Levius

Blade via M19

Equilibrium via Daniel Arnold-Mist

The Destroyer via Josh Nizzi

Evil Robot via Noah-kh

Gundam – Dynasty Warriors via Wallpaper S

Robotics HTN via Haider Najeeb

Happy Hour via DeadElvis

Machine Messiah AUGE via Mobiusdog

Mechanoid via Glen Southern

Robot in Disguise via Spybg

Megatron via Layoutsville

Guardor 3d Robot via Jossdiim

Black Knight via Wallpaperweb

Alcoholic Robot Worker via Metalex

Voltron via JPRart

Ninjabot via Jan Kurka

Transformer Barricade via Harbx

Robot via Fabio M Ragonha

Ratchet via MelanieDraidnt24

Robot Transformers via Wallpaper S

Mazinger-Z via Jose Manuel Li

Hanuman via Udom Ruangpaisitporn

Shin Musha Gundam via Sandrum

Lost Signal via Tarik Ali

Street Bot via Vince Chui

Prototype Robot via Carsten Holtmann

Robot Mecha via idrawgirls

Steamnocchio via Fabricio Moraes

Robots Ritters via Waldemar

Repot-Carpertor via Arte-Light

The two Mighty Kings via Jack Zhang

Warbot via Adam Scott

Arbalest Mech via Sevenmelons83

Redbot via Andrei Szasz

Steampunk Robot via Diarment

Sad Robot via Fabricio Moraes

Steam Wilhelm the Great via Sung-Hun Lim

Quadbot via Norio Fujikawa

Robot is dead via Waldemar Kazak

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