5 Designers’ Secrets to Launching The Career Right

Freelancing is a journey for each of us, and we learn and grow from the mistakes and errors we make on the job. Learning from our mistakes is a crucial step in the journey to success.

Take my experience, for instance. I do freelance work on the side, only seeking out projects when I need some extra cash. In one such instance, a client reached out to me for my help with a project.

I threw myself in – without doing any research. A few hours into the project, I realized I had severely underestimated the scope of work. If I were lucky, I’d make pennies per hour on that flat-rate job.

By not thinking of my freelance work as a career, I was frittering away my time and skills. If I was going to do this freelance thing, I should do it right.

The experience also made me wonder about what other freelancers did wrong when they were starting , so I interviewed various web designers and developers (who were super generous with their tips and insight) to get some much-needed career advice.

And, boy, did they deliver!

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