How to Remove All Junk Photos in WhatsApp Automatically

WhatsApp’s method of downloading photos to your phone can prove to be an issue if you don’t have a habit of routinely cleaning your phone. You could choose to delete the entire WhatsApp media folder to get rid of all the photos, but there might be some important photos found within the folder as well.

If going through the folder yourself is too much of a hassle, why not have an application that will assist you with the task. That’s the logic behind an Android application called Magic Cleaner.

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Developed by an Indian startup called Siftr, Magic Cleaner is a self-described "photo cleaner" app that scans your WhatsApp folder for "junk photos" and deletes them if prompted. According to Siftr, Magic Cleaner uses a self-made image recognition engine that analyses the content of an image to determine the value of the image.

The app does so by sending small hashes of the images to Siftr’s database of images. Once identified, Magic Cleaner would sort photos as either normal photos or junk photos.

search junk photos

Once the scan is completed, Magic Cleaner will ask the user if they would like to remove all junk photos from their device. If the user agrees, the app would immediately delete said photos from the device.

delete junk photos

Besides WhatsApp, Magic Cleaner can also be used to clear up photos in your device’s gallery. Unlike WhatsApp, Magic Cleaner would scan through your phone’s photo album in search of duplicate photos instead of junk photos. D

While Magic Cleaner seems to be a promising app, the app itself isn’t perfect. For one, Magic Cleaner requires an internet connection to work as the app needs to send data to the database in order to identify the photos.

Another problem with it is that the app could potentially lump in photos that are considered important to the user, so you may want to vet through the "junk photos" yourself before asking the app to delete everything.

Despite the flaws the app has, Magic Cleaner is still a good tool to have if you’re heavily reliant on WhatsApp. The app itself is currently available only for Android devices, but Siftr has mentioned that it is currently working on an iOS version as well.