Explore & Share Research Data with Datazar

The amount of data on the Internet is staggering and it seems to grow larger every year. This leads to new industries, such as big data, using analytics to predict events and find noteworthy data points.

With a tool like Datazar, you can find, sort, analyze, and even contribute data to one central repository. The site offers a free account for anyone looking to share data publicly and to pull API requests from other research projects.

Datazar graphs data

The site works through user submission, so it’s a community resource for scientists and data professionals.

When you create an account you get access to a dashboard where you can submit data in Excel/CSV files. These are automatically processed and uploaded to the site where they’re available for free.

When you go with a premium account, you can work with public & private datasets but this would only be useful to teams or professionals who have a research budget. I’d wager most coders or aspiring data scientists would prefer the free plan since it offers so much.

Every data project has a small navigation with clear links to different features. These features let you chat with others, share your findings in graphs, and check out the contributors on a project. All files are free to download and the data can also be pulled from the API if you’re willing to build a wrapper.

To get started analyzing data, you’ll need a free account but you can browse through all public projects anonymously.

Datazar dashboards

Each project has a series of tags to help with sorting and searching. You’ll also get info about total contributors and recent activities in the activity log.

You do need an account to actually download the data but you can browse the files openly for each project without limitations. This offers a glimpse into how Datazar works and what sort of information you’ll have at your disposal.

Large groups called “communities” can even gather together and share projects under one brand. For example, Data Is Beautiful works as a community on the site with four data projects.

If you’re a data nut then you’ll adore everything Datazar offers. Their free account is free forever and it doesn’t have many limitations.