Breathtaking Dark Wallpapers For Your Desktop

When it comes to wallpapers, I prefer dark or black wallpapers as they don’t consume much battery power and are also cool to look at. Though there are a lot of colorful desktop wallpapers too, but for me (and for other fans of black color) dark wallpapers give a strange powerful and dramatic effect.

The following is a collection of high quality and absolutely breathtaking dark wallpapers that I have personally selected from the eye of a black color connoisseur.

Dark Fanatsy Art
Dark Forest Camfire
Birds Darkness
Dark Soul
Forest Fantasy Art
Darkness in Forest
Dark Macro Grass
Beautiful Cloudy Night
Macro Piano
Macro Ladybug
Abstract Dark Wallpaper
Black Knight
Cool Dark
3D Drops
Water Drops on Leaf
Dark Cat
Owl in Forest
Waterfall in Night
Black Patterns
Dark Pillars
Dark Shadow of Trees
Ink Black Wallpaper
Dark Rock
Stairs and Trees
Path in Darkness
Train Track
Light in Forest
Beautiful Night
Full Moon Kitty
Harry Potter
Deer in Night
Horse and Wolf
Lights in Forest
Foggy Mountains
Light in the Dark
Night View of Lake
Dark Car
Stormy Reflections
Stairs in Building
Droplet Surface
Fairy Tale House
Jungle Fantasy
Dark Monster
Night Sky
Night in Space
Stary Night Adventure
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