20 Interesting and Creative Uses of Lego Bricks

The world will probably never get tired of the wonders of Lego, even if it hurts when you step on one. Painful feet massage aside, the popular brick toy continues to astound us with the many things we can create with it, from mega structures to constructing movie scenes.

The sky is the limit to what you can create with Lego unless of course, you don’t have an unlimited supply of Lego bricks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring out your childhood Lego collection to create practical everyday things or as a simple lifehack.

To that end, here is a list of 20 creative uses of Lego ranging from simple to mind-blowing. Take a look at the list and amuse yourself.

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Gift Box

Could this be the answer to less trees being chopped down for wrapping paper? It would definitely be an interesting way to house a present for a geeky friend.

Best of all, it’s Lego, so you can always reuse it for something else instead of adding to your pile of boxes in the attic.

Source: PopClip

Game Controller Organizer

Do you have multiple gaming consoles and the many remote controllers that come with them? Are they always jumbled up in a drawer? If you create a few of these, that mess in your drawer will be a thing of the past.

Well, kudos to Lifehacker reader David Stoeckl for the idea.

Source: Lifehacker

Cable Holder

This lifehack is so simple that you’d wonder why you didn’t think of this before. Lego Minifigures (minifigs) have hands that are just the right size to hold your cords.

You can now say goodbye to tangled wires as you organize your various wires with the help of this little people.

Source: Lifehacker

Bus Stop

There is a legit bus stop in London made entirely of Lego. It may be temporary but the details on it are astounding like the lettering on the various parts of the stand (It’s quite witty too!).

There are even smooth pieces on the seats, so that sitting is not a painful wait.

Source: gizmodo


Wearing normal pieces of jewellery is so mainstream. Be a hispter instead by making and wearing Lego accessories like earrings, necklaces and rings. Even a couple of Lego cufflinks can help you stand out in your everyday normal work wear.

Source: Whimsy Love


Telling time shouldn’t be a chore. Nor should it only be limited to telling you when lunch time is. Opt for this cool clock instead that’s also pretty easy to DIY for your home or office.

Counting down the minutes to lunch time will never be the same again.

Source: Our Nerd Home

Clock logo
Desk Organizer

The best thing about Lego is that you can build things however you want. Which means if you don’t like the desk orgnizers in the market you can always create your own with as many sections as you need.

And they don’t get knocked down as easily as the plastic ones either.

Source: Cthuliz

Prosthetic Leg

When occupational therapist and clinical researcher Christina Stephens lost her leg after an injury, she decided to create a Lego prosthetic leg. The idea was suggested by a colleague and she did it. Take note: Do not try this at home.

Phone Docking Station

You’ve probably come across a few of these. Some are simple with only a few bricks to hold up the phone. Some decide to take it to the next level with a specific theme or by adding wheels. It’s totally up to you to customize it however you want.

Source: Technabob

Coin Sorter

Ironically enough, coin sorters are expensive even though what they’re sorting is money. If you have enough Lego pieces, you can cut costs by making one instead.

The mechanism behind this coin sorter is really simple, as the sorter relies on a slope and the weight of the coin.

Computer Keyboard

I don’t know about you but this is the ultimate geek dream. The brainchild of Jason Alleman, this Lego keyboard came into being after Alleman found a discarded keyboard in the streets and pick its insides. Thanks to his tinkering, it actually works.


Create a unique keychain by threading it through a Lego piece that has holes. Or you can opt to drill a hole into a Lego brick. Whatever strikes your fancy really.

Pair it up with a Lego board on your wall to act as a keyholder and you’ll never lose your keys again.

Source: Minieco

Air-Powered Car

Again, why isn’t this a thing in the first place? This crowdfunded car was built by Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida. Who wouldn’t want to drive round town with a cool girl by your side?

The car is made up of 500,000+ Lego pieces which includes the engine and it runs on air.

Source: Super Awesome Micro Project

Mouse Trap

Trapping mice is now a fun thing when you can build a mouse trap out of Lego like how Peter and his son did for Lifehacker’s MacGyver Challenge.

If you think pesky little mousies don’t deserve to reside in beautiful Lego traps you can always… Well, we’ll let you figure that one out.

Source: Lifehacker

Pet House

Create a house for your pet just as designer Alex Jones did for his dog Kisha. He even made a Lego fire hydrant and some steaks to go with it. Awww! This sure beats buying or building a dog house out of boring ol’ wood.

Fill Cracks In Buildings

Reclaim your city and its buildings by filling all the nooks and crannies with colourful Lego bricks. German artist Jan Vormann started Dispatchwork to add a little colour to drab and grey cities.

It’s an ongoing project that has different people from various countries participating.

Source: Greenthorne

Gattling Rubber Band Gun

This is not just a few bricks slapped together to create a gun shape. Yes, you’ve read this right. This is a gun made of Lego that shoots rubber bands.

This dangerous but fascinating project was constructed and designed by Sebastian Dick. Watch it in action here.

Source: MOC Pages


If there can be an entire house made of Lego, why not pieces of furniture? Sure, some things like chairs may be uncomfortable but you’ve got to admit a Lego lamp would look very chic.

Plus Lego bricks are perfect for building walls and tables. Speaking of which…

Source: inthralld

Miniature Roller Coaster

Move over, motorized train sets and car circuits. This working miniature roller coaster was built by Lego enthusiast Adam Tucker. The ride goes on forever as the carts are set to play in an infinite loop.

We think it lacks some Lego minifigs. Watch it move in this video.

Source: MOC Pages

Train Map

London must really love the Danish brick building toy as they celebrated their underground train’s 150th anniversary with Lego. These train maps are displayed at 5 stations, namely South Kensington, Piccadilly Circus, Green Park, Stratford and King’s Cross.

Source: Metro


Have you come across other uses for Lego? Let us know in the comments below!