How to Quickly Copy Special Characters to Your Clipboard

We’ve all seen special characters on websites and we’ve seen those confusing keyboard shortcut tables.

But what if you could copy and paste special characters faster? Then you could save your keyboard shortcuts for real productivity.

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CopyChar is a totally free webapp with a huge list of special characters on one page. You just click the one you wanna use and it’ll auto-copy to your clipboard. How cool is that?

CopyChar webapp

In the top navbar you’ll find a list of categories to help you navigate this massive website.

As of this writing it totals 10 different categories with topics like currency, math symbols, and even emojis.

We live in a time where all these special characters are supported by most operating systems, including mobile devices, so you’re mostly safe to work with them on any website. The only annoying part is figuring out how to add them.

CopyChar will make your life so much easier.

The whole thing runs on React.js so it really feels like a webapp. It does not have as many features as a PWA but it’s got just enough to serve its purpose as a copy-to-clipboard tool.

Simple minimalist CopyChar app

Have a look at the homepage and see what you think.

And if you ever have suggestions for new characters feel free to send a message to the creator Fintan Hurl.