How to Easily Extract and Copy Text from Images Using GT Text

Have you ever come across text or quotes within an image that you desperately wanted to copy and paste elsewhere, only to realize it’s not as straightforward because it’s part of an image? This common challenge can be quite frustrating.

Instead of painstakingly retyping each character, which is hardly efficient, especially for lengthy excerpts, there’s a simpler solution. Enter GT Text, a free tool designed for PCs that enables you to effortlessly extract text directly from images. GT Text is not just a tool; it’s a time-saver for anyone dealing with text within images.

How to Use GT Text for Text Extraction from Images

  1. Begin by visiting the GT Text download page to download the latest version among the several available.
  2. GT Text Download Page
  3. After downloading, execute the installer to start the installation process.
  4. GT Text Installation
  5. Once installed, launch GT Text from your computer. A file explorer window will open. Here, you can choose the image files you wish to work with. GT Text supports a variety of formats including TIFF, JPG, GIF, BMP, and PNG. Select your images and click Open.
  6. Selecting File in GT Text
  7. With the image open in GT Text, click on the ‘Area Text OCR’ button as illustrated below.
  8. Using Area Text OCR
  9. Activate your cursor and drag it over the text area you wish to extract, then release the mouse button.
  10. Highlighting Text
  11. Releasing the mouse triggers a text prompt based on the highlighted area. Click Continue to copy the extracted text to your clipboard.
  12. Text Copied
  13. Finally, open Notepad or any text-editing application and paste the copied text.
  14. Pasting Text

Additional Capabilities

For those times when you want to capture every piece of text without the need for manual highlighting, GT Text offers a simple shortcut. By pressing Ctrl + F, the software will automatically extract all the text it can find within an image. Similarly, you can navigate through Tools > Copy Text From > Full Image for the same outcome.

Extracting from Full Image

While English is the default language, GT Text is not limited to it. You have the option to include additional languages by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to File > Preferences.
  2. Accessing Preferences
  3. Click on Add languages.
  4. Adding New Languages
  5. Choose the language you wish to add and hit the Install button.

Wrapping Up

GT Text, a straightforward and free utility for Windows PCs, revolutionizes the way you can extract and copy text from images. While it may not boast an extensive array of features, its ability to efficiently capture text from any image is a significant advantage in itself.