20 Cool Desk Organizers You Can Buy

Besides helping to reduce stress at work, having a neatly organized desk would also help you leave a professional or favorable impression on your boss or clients. However, getting a desk organized is usually easier said than done, especially if you are just not naturally inclined to pick up after yourself.

Lucky for us, there are many cool products that will not only add a touch of style to your workspace, but also make it fun for you to keep your desk clean and organized. Here are just a compilation of 20 of these crazy-cool desk organizers you would love to have on your desk.

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Hedgehog Pencil Holder

A perfect little desk accessory for a forest animal lover. This hedgehog pencil holder is peppered with holes so when you put your pencils in it, it’ll give the shape of a cute porcupine.

Desktop Planter Vase

A minimal planter that adds an element of elegance to your desk or any other indoor space. Made with durable material and plated metal wire, you can use it to liven up any big or small indoor space.

Cordies Executive Desk Organizer

To declutter your small desktop space, here is a handy desk and cord organizer. You can place your phones, tablets, cables, and even small clips on it. A weighed aluminum grip keeps it sturdy and varied grip widths keep all your stuff organized.

Kikkerland Concrete Desktop Planter

If you’re a fan of desktop planters, then you’ll love this concrete planter by Kikkerland. It has a small terraced space at the base that can hold your pens, cards, or other small stuff and the plants will add a touch of green to your space.


Too many cables hanging around your desk? Take help from the WireTamer. It is a sturdy cable tray that can be fixed underneath your desk to hide your cable clutter or even as a secret chocolate stash. Made with extruded plastic, these small neat trays can add a good extra space to your desk.

Pen Organizer Storage

Here is a multi-purpose pen holder for your messy desk. It includes a stack of three small caddies for keeping your stationery organized. You can use it horizontally or vertically and they can even fit into drawers and desk trays.

Monitor Stand Riser (with Organizer Drawer)

This useful desk accessory can help you elevate your monitor to the eye level and its sliding drawer can be used to store your folders and paper stuff. There are also two storage pockets at each side of the monitor stand for storing your office supplies.

STORi Plastic Stacking Organizer

A set of small open-front stacking bins to help you keep your desk organized. The bins can stack up on one another and you can store all kinds of office or crafts supplies in them.

Kikkerland Desk Organizer Pen Stand

Here’s another potted desk accessory for the people who want green around them. The stand holds your pens and pencils and you can also put your phone at the bottom tray.

Desk Organizer with Pen Holder

If you want a desk organizer with a little compartment for everything, then take a look at this one. This desk organizer comes with a phone stand, a small and a medium tray, two bins and a phone stand. All of this is settles on a magnetic base so you can easily move the items around.

Krollwood Wooden Phone Stand

Made with natural wood, this docking station can hold your phone, watches, glasses, coins, and other small stuff. The docking station keeps your desk or nightstand organized and can be a great gift for your loved ones.

MyGift Expandable Organizer Rack

A small book shelf for your desk, this rustic desktop bookcase can hold your books, files, folders, and tablet in a compact way. The bookcase has adjustable width so it can expand from both sides.

Monmob Tire Shaped Pencil Holder

Here is a cute pen holders that’s made with small rubber tires stacked on one another. You can also use it as a planter or to hold other stuff.

Mind Reader Monitor Stand

A monitor stand plus desk organizer, not only keeps your monitor elevated to counter a poor sitting posture but is equipped with small drawers where you can keep your stationery. The stand is made with strong material and has non-slip legs that can be removed.

Teslyar Phone Docking Station

Here is a dashing phone docking station made with solid wallnut wood. It has an efficient design that allows you to store your phone, glasses, wallet, keys, wathes and other stuff. You can easily assemble it at home and use it on your desk or nightstand.

Pencil Organizer

This is surely one of the best ways to keep all your colored pens/pencils organized. It is made up of 11 holes that can fit 10-12 regular-size pencils each for easy storage on your desk.

Retro Robot Desk Organizer

Meet Danger, a retro robot-shaped desk organizer that can help your kids keep their desk neat and tidy. It can hold a fist full of pens and whatnots. The organizer is hand-made by creative minds.

Sleek White Desk Organizer

Multifunction Desktop Organizer will help you save heaps of space – you can keep your phone, stationery, photos, etc. neatly arranged between your monitor and keyboard. It also has USB ports, phone charger, and a memory card reader.

Multifunction Desktop Organizer
Pockit Pocket Clip

This handy pocket clip will add space to any desk or shelf, and keep all your small items together so you’ll never lose them again.

Pockit Pocket Clip<
BackPack: Hidden Organizer for iMac

Place the BackPack, either on the back or front of an iMac stand, and use it to hold things like a stationery holder, portable hard drive, an iPhone or even a Macbook Air.

Hidden Organizer for iMac