Inspirational Workspace: 60 Awesome Setups, Vol. 3

We spend most of the day in front of our computers. This is where all the works get done, e-mails get taken care of, and social relationship be made. The truth is that computer has become a staple for nearly every aspect of modern lifestyle, and now people are even adopting multiple devices for higher work proficiencies.

Following previous post showcasing astounding workstation setups, today we bring in 60 more up-to-date and neat examples on how professionals setup their cyber workstation. From them you can draw inspiration on how to dress your workstation in a clean and elegant way, ultimately the key is about comfort, relaxation and focus.

Enjoy and learn from them and of course, feel free to share your ideas or photos of your workstation to us, we don’t mind to see more creative working spaces!

60 Cool Home Offices and Workstations Setup, Vol. 4

60 Cool Home Offices and Workstations Setup, Vol. 4

How much time do you spend in front of your workstation? If you're anything like most people, it's... Read more

#1 @leonefabre
singapore work office
#2 @paulmichaelsmith
home alienware mac
#3 @trancemist
my home office iii
#4 @john
ubuntu home office
#5 @paladin27
panoramic home office
#6 @cohophoto
home office digital darkroom
#7 @anthonygrimes
apple cinema display
#8 @ misterplague
apple home office setup
#9 @authentic
home office recording studio
#10 @purplelime
desktop mac pack
#11 @garrettmurray
apartment home office 2010
#12 @garrettmurray
dualscreen workspace setup 2007
#13 @tbisaacs
work from home
#14 @radrew
multi desk home office
#15 @LuckyRoller
mac windows ubuntu
#16 @rezado
working home studio
#17 @jwhelan
custom deskt 2009 imac
#18 @jlouwagie
white creative space
#19 @newyork808
nyc office window arch
#20 @ktdeeds
professional home office setup
#21 @christianreistad
macbook pro mighty mouse
#22 @paladin27
widescreen home office michigan
#23 @foundphotography
red rocket media group
#24 @tbisaacs
apple samsung office
#25 @kittymeow84
creative macbook pro setup

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