This website reveals what your browser could be tracking

Many of you are probably aware of the fact that your internet browser tracks your information, such as browsing history. What you may not know is that your browser may be tracking much more than that.

Clickclickclick is a website that can help you understand just how much information can be tracked when you visit a page. If you’re paranoid about being tracked, you might want to sit this one out.

When you arrive at Click page, you will be greeted by a green button and the instruction to turn on your sound (if it is not already). Every action you make while on the page will be registered as a text log: It makes a log when you move your mouse cursor around, when you click the button, in which direction you moved, whether you have been inactive etc. You get the idea.

clickclickclick achievements

While the general feel of the website may be creepy, the creators of Clickclickclick do have a sense of humor as they’ve included a list of achievements that you can unlock. A total of 120 achievements can be collected, all of which requires you to do some rather unsuspecting, almost mundane actions on the webpage.

clickclickclick achievements unlock

The text logs show you just how much of your actions (and inactions) can be tracked and logged. The website is created as a way to raise awareness about how far-reaching user profiling can be.

It also gives the common man a good idea as to what your internet browser is capable of tracking without you knowing about it.