"Chrome Home" Moves Tabs & Shortcuts to Bottom of the Screen

Move your Chrome home tabs to the bottom with these shortcuts. Learn how to customize your browser and improve your user experience.

Chrome Home, a feature on Chrome Canary that moves the address bar to the bottom of the screen, has received some huge changes recently. Judging from the changes made to the feature, it appears that Google is aiming for ease of navigation with the new changes.

So what’s new with Chrome Home? Well, for starters, pulling up the address bar will open the new "Home" tab, a menu that lists down your recently visited pages, bookmarks and suggested articles in one spot.

suggested articles

Aside from the Home tab, the new Chrome Home also comes with tabs that lets you view your recent downloads, bookmarks and browsing history. Seeing as all three options have been made into easily accessible tabs of their own, Google has removed the three options from the "…" menu itself.

mobile bookmarks

Overall, the new changes done to Chrome Home makes navigating Chrome even easier. No longer will users need to jump between menus and tabs to access their bookmarks or a recently visited website. Now, all the user has to do is swipe up on the address bar, tap on the appropriate tab, and they’ll be able access all of their frequented websites.

If you’re interested in trying out the new Chrome Home feature for yourself, all you need to do is open up Chrome Canary on your Android device, type chrome://flags/ into the address bar, and enable the Chrome Home feature.

enable chrome home