My Business – Google’s Very Own Website Builder

Starting up a simple web-based business can be intimidating, considering the fact that you’ll need to create a website of your own. Thankfully, this particular problem can now be remedied rather easily as Google has launched its My Business website builder to the public.

Available as part of Google’s My Business suite, this particular website builder is available for all to use. However, before you’re able to construct a website of your own, you’ll first need to register your business on the My Business platform. Doing so is just a matter of filling up the provided form with your business’ particulars.

my business suite

Once the form is submitted, you’ll be brought to the website builder page. From here, you’ll be given the option to select your website’s theme, edit the text on the website, and add photos to it in order to make the website look more personable.

Once the website has been modified to your liking, you can "live" it simply by clicking the Publish button located at the upper right hand corner of the screen.

click publish

There is no denying that Google’s website builder is rather simplistic. Considering the fact that the tool is actually meant to be used by small businesses rather than large corporations, it isn’t too surprising that websites created by this tool tend to be rather basic.

While the tool may not be the most sophisticated, startups that are looking to establish an online presence of their own shouldn’t pass up on this particularly handy tool.