30 Priceless Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) to Chuckle About

It can come when we least expect it, when we are happily playing our favorite game and diligently working on the report due tomorrow. Then, all of a sudden, when we are just right about to save our progress, the blue demon appears, stares at you straight in the face and tells you that some sort of fatal, non-recoverable error has occur.

You can cry, curse or swear, but nothing will change the fact that your hard work has all gone to the drain. Nobody will mistake that mocking blue screen for anything but a big FAIL. Yes, it’s the infamous blue screen of death, or BSoD for short. Oh, how we dread seeing one.

Due to its widespread unpopularity, some victims of BSoD have make it a point to capture instances of BSoD for a good laugh (a laugh at their own plight, perhaps?). Others have even photoshopped BSoD into actual images and turned them into jokes.

Whatever it is, we all find them hilarious because we’ve experienced them from time to time. To celebrate our contempt for BSoD, we have picked some of the most amusing and clever ones out there to showcase them here. Enjoy and be entertained!

Blue Window of Death

A BSoD drape for your Windows. (via Ezhhh)


Infoscreen turns nonsensical. (via VoidStern)

Traffic Light

The blue screen of traffic light. (via Houbi)

Portal 2 Hijacks GDC Awards

The parody of BSoD during the annual Game Developers Conference. (via Kotaku)

Gatwick Airport

Which gate is my flight at?(via Cardsfan1985)

Ad Display

This is what happens when you leave your PC on 24 hours a day without a break. (via Celebdu)

Times Square

No more advertisements; just an error screen. (via Lhl)


A mousepad befitting your Windows desktop. (via CompuRocketUSA)

New York City

The BSoD can strike everywhere, even on the roads. (via Miguel Carrasco)


Fidelity yes, but reliability?

Worst Timing Ever

I’m quite sure the pilot would’ve already collapse if this happens during flight. (via Motifake)

Welcome to Vancouver International Airport

A warning screen as the welcome sign. (via Aznricebowl)

McDonald’s Drive-through

Did you order a BSoD?. (via Techeblog)

Stunning. Breakthrough. Entertaining.

Read carefully. It says it will deliver you a PC experience designed to fit wherever life happens. Even when your system crash?

Touch of Brilliance

Seems like a cellphone with bugs. (via Renaissancechambara)

Big Screen

Newsflash on the screen below: BSoD strikes. (via Hollis Hudetz)


It’ll be cool if the letters actually scroll down continuously like in the Matrix. (via The Technical Side)


Pepsi has been spiked?. (via Limesik)

Blue Sky of Death

The effects of global warming on our sky system. (via Brave1brave)

Singapore’s Orchard Road

This actually went on for a couple of hours. (via Stomp)

Live Concert

An anticlimax to an otherwise amazing concert. (via TechMynd)


The busy city life goes on, blue screen or not.


Rows and rows of BSoD.


Server under attack!. (via Zorchenhimer)


These desktops are just too old. (via Know Your Meme)

Bill Gates’ Fatal Error

The ultimate BSoD of our lives. (via Geeks With Blogs)

The Blue and the Furious

Too fast and furious for the system. (via Jewish-Ninja)

The Matrix

The Matrix has you… So does the BSoD. (via Thunder-of-Strix)

Sorry, I Cannot Finish It…

All your work gone in a flash, literally. (via DroziCzech)

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