55 Interesting Social Media Infographics

Infographic punches the idea into one’s processor almost immediately because of the way data is presented is neat, simple and less words more fun. Hence, it is important to always make sure your inforgraphics is simple but informative, fun and reliable. With these criteria, your Infographics will not fail your audience. As you get a hang of it, you’ll realized that you can easily convert any ideas into Infographics presentation.

Fantastic news for all you social media addicts out there because we’ve complied a total of 60 infographics that are related to social media! Here are some of the interesting one "How are mobile phones changing social media", "Journey of a Tweet", "Evolution of Twiter" and a lot more. Prepare to get information overwhelmed. Full list after jump!

The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

Age Distribution on Social Network Sites

Balance Your Media Diet

10 Levels of Intimacy in Today’s Communication

A Day in the Internet

Breakdown of the Blogosphere

Building a Company with Social Media

China’s Social Media Map

Conversation Prism

Facebook Vs Twitter

Facebook was a Country

Google Buzz Twitter Reactions

Google Facts and Figures

How are Mobile Phones Changing Social Media

How Companies are Leveraging Social Media

How People Share Content on the Web

How The World Spends Its Time Online

How Twitter Got Attacked By A DDoS

Inside the Political Twittersphere I

Inside the Political Twittersphere II

Jazzy WordPress

Make Social Media Work For Your Company

Popular Site Demographics

Profiles of a Twitter User

Social Marketing Compass

Social Media Addiction

Social Media In Business

Social Media Spending

Social Landscape

Spam Infographic

The Art of Listening

The Biggest Shift

The Boom Of Social Sites

The Internet Undersea World

The Journey of a Tweet

The Life Cycle of a Blog Post

The Meteoric Rise of Twitter

The Prolific WordPress

The Revised Social Media Effect

The Rise Of The Social Networking Ad Spending

The Social Media Effect

The Story (so far) of Twitter

The World Map of Social Networks

The World Of Facebook

More Truth About Twitter

Twitter Territory

Visualizing 6 Years of Facebook

Web Trend Map

Who Participates Online

Women In Social Media

Gender Balance on Social Networking Sites

The Evolution of Twitter: 2010

The Rise of Facebook Mobile: 2010

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